Wednesday, November 02, 2005

a walk through Viña with an unexpected lunch

I took a walk through Viña Del Mar today since I have noticed that what I enjoy more about cities is just walking through them and watching the people as they live their lives. I am not much of a tourist, am I? anyways, I have been thinking recently about how much i used to pray and I happened to have my cell phone from California in my purse because I am going to try to get a plan for it down here. So I pulled it out and opened it as if it had been ringing and began to pray. I did this in California, but there EVERYONE is talking on their cell phones as they wak along the streets or as they shop. And as I walked i noticed that not a single other person in sight was on their cell phone. So I talked to God for a few minutes and then "hung up". h well, it was at least nice for a few minutes, even if I was being the stereotypical gringa.
Well, I walked and enjoyed the slighty overcast day here in Viña and took note of all the stores and the people and just the culture that this city holds. There are expensive boutiques settled right next to dollar stores and merchants on the sides of the roads selling blackmarket movies. Groups of stray dogs raom the streets ignoring the humans and scavenging the garbages. Little kids hold their mothers hands as they cross the busy street and school girls still in their uniform giggle as they pass a group of boys. This town has it´s own pace and it´s own life.
It was about time for lunch but I was dreading the thought of eatng the oh so famous completo (hot dog with avocado, mayo, and tomato that everyone seems to eat everyday, it is the national food of Chile). I turned off of the main street onto a smaller calle, and saw something that brought a huge smile to my face. There was a Shwarma Shop. That´s right, it is probably the only one in all of chile, but there was a little shop selling shwarma, falafel, hummus and other Mediterranean delights. So I bought a shwarma pollo (chicken) and relived the wonderful memories I will cherish forever of my bible study going to Jaffa Cafe every wednesday for lunch. Jaffa Cafe (the best place in San Luis Obispo for Shwarma, if not the only) was the second home for my bible study this last year. The owner Adnan was our adopted dad, who taught us about his culture and made sure we had a good time. We went religously on wednesday afternoons and stayed for hours enjoying the food and fellowship. I think anytime I eat shwarma or falafel, i will remember those days, and I will remember Adnan.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mooki

Whenever I travel to distant places I often ignore the big museums and churches and spend most of my time wandering the streets, sitting in cafes, observing people and absorbing the life of the city. That sounds exactly like what you're doing, so of course I approve. It may not make us typical tourists, but that's not so bad, is it?

I really enjoyed today's blog.

grammar lesson of the day: if you put an apostrophe between "it" and "s" it means "it is" -- for the possessive, just write "its"



Kallie said...

Hey Buddy,
I tried calling you yesterday at Marcela's but I guess I missed you by like two hours or something. I was so bummed!! It was nice to at least talk to someone who has seen you lately, and I want you to know I'm totally praying for you and everything you're dealing with right now. Lately I've been finding myself going to your name in my cell phone then getting sad that I can't really call you. I'm glad you're out exploring though and have learned so quickly what it takes many travelers forever to realize...the world is best seen and cultures most intimately experienced in the everyday people, cafes, and quiet moments than in the tourist traps. I'm heading down to SLO in a couple weekends and I'm debating whether a stop to the Jaffa Cafe should be included or if it will just make me miss you too much. Love you so much sistafriend!!
The biggest hugs I can muster,
P.S. I owe you a good email update here sometime soon. I miss our coffee shops talks.

beckalippy said...

Mom, thanks for being my editor, and I probably got this love for the non-tourist tourism from you!

Kallie, oh darling, i am BUMMED that I missed your call. Did Marcela tell you what is going on? I hope so. I love you and I totally agree that you owe me a good email.
Your beckacita