Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"You're sick? You need..."

Yep, that's right. I'm sick again. I basically will get anything that goes around so when a few of my friends got a virus, I knew it was only a matter of time. Friday evening it happened upon me. I pulled my blanket over to the couch and made myself comfortable. Sleeping on the couch is one of my FAVORITE things. I recently mentioned my love for napping on the couch. But I reserve overnight sleeping on the couch for when I am sick. I turn the tv on and let it keep me company as I doze through the night. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday on my couch. The truth was that I couldnt do anything else. The virus wasn't too bad, I felt feverish but had no temperature. I had the aches and pains of a fever, but not the chills. Really, the worst part of the virus was that it completely wiped me of any energy. Even making it the 5 steps to my kitchen area to refill my tea was exhausting. Monday night I made it to work and though it was beyond tiring, I was able to rest a bit before our leadership training meeting for church Monday night. At the meeting one of my friends told me that I should be drinking coke if I am sick. He was dead serious. The rest of the chileans laughed about it, but it seemed like they didn't really disagree. Now, this is coming from a culture where they literally put coke in their infants' bottles. I am not joking. I tried to explain that the sugar in coke isn't good for you when you are trying to fight off a virus. They jokingly answered that diet coke would solve that problem. But that's not all. I went to work today and was sharing with one of my students that I am sick. He also offered his counsel on what would help. Beer. Yep. He said that I should drink beer with lemon. I asked him how it would possibly help me to drink beer and he answered that it would put me to sleep. Yeah, I'm exhausted as it is, I don't need any help in that deptartment. So I think I'll stick with my tea. At least for now.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Highlights and lowlights

In case you were wondering, no, Im not going to talk about getting my hair done.
No today's post is more of a catch up post. Stuff that's happened this week. Kinda boring, but I guess boring is better than some other options.

The bigger random non-personal things:
  • There were a few earthquakes this week. The biggest one was 5.7 and I felt it comfortably from my apartment. I'm weird I know, but I kinda like earthquakes. As long as they aren't damaging, they are kinda fun.
  • There was a bomb scare in the building across the street from my apartment this week. I came from work and found the street blocked off. Evidently there was an annonymous call about a bomb being planted in the building and the precautionary measures were taken.
  • This morning I was surprised to hear a bunch of racket outside. I looked out the window and saw what looked like something between a parade and a protest. I enjoyed watching them walk by but couldn't hear well enough to understand anything they were saying. I later saw on the news that it was a protest against the arrival of Obama this week. Yep, the whole Obama family is coming to Chile this week (yay Michelle!!!) and a few chileans were upset about it.

Some more personal things:
  • I was kinda sick this week. I felt weak on Tuesday and luckily my evening classes cancelled and I could just go home and sleep. The rest of the week I took it easy and tried to stay home and rest as much as possible.
  • Which brings me to a fun thing to share. Totally random, but one of my FAVORITE things in life is taking naps in the sun on comfy couches. Now that the drama with my couch has died down, I can enjoy the blessings of the Lord, namely, my wonderful sofa. It's right next to the window, so when I nap, I have the "fresh" air (air is far from fresh here in Santiago!) and the sunshine right on my face. I've had the chance to come home a few afternoons in time for a nap. Yum.

And even more personal:
God has been using culture shock to deal with some issues in my heart. My desire for the approval of others, my fear of being alone and helpless, my fierce and stubborn pride. These things are only exasperated by being here. It's weird because I don't really remember hitting this kind of culture shock in other countries. I think the knowledge that I was in a country short term, and the presence of more gringos in my life made the reality of living in another culture less threatening.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to come home (sorry Grandma!) I don't really miss life in the states. I know that life there is great for some people, but I don't feel at home in the culture there. In fact, because I am indeed gringa, when I am in the states, and I feel uncomfortable, I feel guilty. I feel like I should be comfortable there. It ends up being a vicious cycle of discomfort and guilt. Not a good way to live. Here, at least when I feel discomfort, I don't feel guilt. I have a lot more grace for myself.
So all that is to say, I know I'm here and I'm supposed to be here. But it doesn't lessen the process of dealing with being in a different culture.
One of the biggest changes I have noticed is that I am quite introverted. I'm not saying I'm shy. Just introverted. I crave alone time much more than I crave people time. Maybe it's a permanent change since the depression. Maybe this is an actual chemical change in me. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm living in a country that doesn't recognize a need for alone time. So most people think its odd to spend the day alone. I think it's a combination of both factors. And maybe a few more. Either way, I'm very very grateful for my apartment.

So that's the update. I'm going to try to be more faithful to update this blog. But for now, goodnight friends.

Monday, March 07, 2011

frustration, sofas, and the desires that arise

Today was one of those days when I wish I had a husband. No, it's not Valentines Day. Nope, today was the day my sofa finally arrived. Well, it arrived to the lobby below, where the delivery guy politely informed me that it wouldn't fit in the elevator, so they wouldn't be bringing it to my apartment. Now, before I get ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning.

I bought the sofa a month ago. They told me it would arrive on the 19th of Feb. I waited all day Feb 19th for the sofa to arrive. Nothing. A few days later I recieved a string of phone calls. None of them helpful, but all of them saying that someone else would call me to set up an appointment to have my sofa delivered. So I finally went back to the store and had them call the delivery company. They said it would come the following Saturday.

So I waited in my apartment. Finally I had to leave because I had a commitment to attend to, so I left my keys with the consierge. I got a phone call a while later from the delivery company. They were at my building, but the elevator wasn't working so they weren't going to bring up my sofa. Someone will call me later to make a new appointment. At this point imagine me very angry trying to explain to the guy on the phone that I will NOT wait another day for my sofa. Too bad, so sad, I had no other choice.

They called, and said it would come that Monday. Then they called again, no it won't. It will come on Saturday. I told them it better come before 12pm because I would NOT be waiting in my apartment all day, just waiting for them to come. Oh but I was. Yep, I waiting from 9am to 9pm. So come Monday, today, when I got off work, I went over to the store, AGAIN, and asked to speak to the manager. She apologized and after 20 mins of being on the phone with the delivery company, they finally got it arranged for them to come tonight, sometime after 9pm.

And now, you've all been brought up to speed on the situation. Hence, I'm sitting in my apartment, on the verge of tears from just general exhaustion and not feeling well, And I'm waiting for the two consierges to bring up my sofa.

It's moments like this that I wish I had a husband. I wish I had someone else to take care of all of this. Not even that he would have to do all of it, or do it always, but I wish I just had someone to share the burden with me. Someday, hopefully, maybe.