Thursday, April 29, 2010


So our head teacher gave us some black tape to use when we play games, or to hang things on the walls. I, of course, couldnt help but to use it to tape my kids mouths shut. :)

Here the girls are putting the tape on. Jinsol put it on her eyes, but Helen and Amy decided to keep it on the mouth. The other girls (who are sitting out of the picture) are all in hysterics laughing through this whole ordeal.. needless to say, for about 5 minutes there was no formal instruction going on!

After taping their mouths closed, we used the tape in other ways...

Here are Helen and Jinsol with some intense facial hair!

And then I decided to join in the fun...

Monday, April 26, 2010

American Boy

Many of you may remember that my friend Ben was moving here to teach English for a year. Well, he's here, working at franchise of my school a few subway stops away. His coworker has the hookups and she and Ben get to buy all that American food that the rest of us crave but cant get here. So out of my jealousy, I thought I'd share a photo with you all of Ben showing off his newly purchased American food.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dinner with church peeps

As I have mentioned in the past I LOVE Sundays. I wanted to post some picks from tonight's dinner. We all headed out (about 15 of us) to eat some korean style beef.

Kelly and I

Here are Scott, Cam, and Mr. Park

My dear friend Mary! So pretty!

As you can see, eating dinner is communal and messy. Everyone just picks at all the foods on the table with their chopsticks and the meat is cooked right on the table in front of us. Good times.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


(Warning: be careful what you say in front of me because it might end up as a quote on my blog!)

"Guilt is frustration that I cannot fix myself (or my sin) enough to approach the throne of grace."

- Dan

May I add an AMEN!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This has been a week of poetry.

In one of my middle school classes, we've been doing a unit on poetry. It's one of my favorite classes to teach because the kids are so old (and I listen to the same music as the girls- Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga!)

So the poor boys, I made them write a poem. No amount of pleading or whining could keep me from assigning such a wonderful task. The boys finally gave in and wrote poems... about me! They thought somehow that writing about how I was "wonderful", "kind", and "beautiful" would get them a higher grade (maybe it worked!). The best part was tonight they had to do a presenation of their poem, reading it aloud to the class. I loved hearing these "too cool for school" boys read about how amazing I am, nonetheless in POEMS they WROTE! It made me and all the girls laugh our hearts out.

In light of my boys poems, I thought I'd post a poem that recently has meant a lot to me.


into the wilderness He led me
hot wind pushing against me as i moved out
every desire behind me
leaving all hope of the past behind
only sallow sand ahead

into the desert He called me
away from the faucets
i had drank from time and time
into the sweltering emptiness
waves of heat pressed all around

the streets of comfort
now so ancient
only brought bitterness to my weary heart

the ties that had once held me
now so futile
they couldn't reach into the wilderness

insignificant grains of sand
burrowed into my sin
burning me and bringing forth fresh tears

thirsty and desperate
i cried out
for water, for anything
all former hope crushed
with nothing to hold
i cried

oh tears, what glorious droplets
shed so freely
in anguish, in despair, in surrender

it was then that my eyes began to open
in the pallid sand
i now saw strokes of marigold and honey
the once oppresive heat
now wrapped around me like a blanket
holding me close as a mother holds her babe

There in the desert
He taught me to see Him
in the dry heat
in the emptiness
i found Life
but can there truly be life in the wilderness?
can existance come outside of the city walls?
i followed Him through the desert,
trusting that His Life was greater
than the life I had imagined in egypt

into the wilderness He led me
into the desert He led me
right into a camp
souls like myself who had found life outside
whose tears had watered the seeds of life

it was there in the desert
that springs of Life sprung forth
outside of the world we had known
far from the trival hopes and fears that had driven us
it was in the wilderness, that we found Life

-Rachel Lake

Sandwich making

Directions to make an awesome sandwich.
1. take two of the Omega3 bread slices (this bread can only be bought at Paris Baguette in Korea)
2. On slice A, put cream cheese and cucumber
3. On slice B, put djion mustard (lots of it!), fresh made hummus, and lettuce
4. coat both tops of pieces with more humus so the sandwich sticks together, bring pieces together carefully
5. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A date in Hongdae

Today I took a day off. After last weeks episode, I realized that I needed a day alone with the Lord. So I spent the morning cleaning and baking, and headed out to Hongdae for some little time alone with God. I've written about Hongdae before; its the university area that I love. I've gone on "dates" before with the Lord, times where I went out to the beach in college to pray, etc. I knew it was gonna be a good day.. here I am about to leave the apartment, happy to go!

I chose to go to this little Italian bakery where I sipped on a lovely iced latte while I journaled, prayed, and studied Korean. It was awesome.

Then I headed to the park where during the fall they had live music on Saturdays. Sure enough, the spring has come and they began to host live music again. When I sat down, I immediately recognized the group as one of my favorites from last fall. I remember thinking that the lead singer has a Damien Rice quality to him. After the show, he came up to me out of nowhere and asked if I would put my name and email down on a list. I was surprised, but said yes. I told him that I remembered him from the fall and that he sounded like Damien Rice to me. Now HE was surprised. He said that Damien Rice was one of his favorite singers and he there began to sing "The Blower's Daughter", one of my favorites. We chatted for a bit and then I went on my way, very happy. Here is a little video of the group. This is one of his less Damien-esque songs, but I assure you, he's basically a Korean Damien Rice. :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A trip to the "country"

Some Korean children on a field trip to the fortress

Sunyoung and I on the bus to the fortress

A reconstruction of the architecture from back in the day

I just liked this sign, it's kinda funny

These guys were getting ready for a festival and I being the awesome white tourist pulled out my camera and took some photos

"Harmonious City, Happy Suwon" -yeah, ok

Hey friends,

sorry for the delay in posting. I realize that after a post like my previous one, I need to be more prompt in posting so you all know that I am not still sitting in my room crying. No, Monday was better. Tuesday was even better. I am learning to say no to social activities. To leave room in my life for time alone. I know, not really consistent with my extroverted personality. But that's what I need right now. So I am still pursuing relationships, but trying not to overload my schedule. Speaking of, I made a new friend named Betsy. She is basically awesome. She was raised in San Luis Obispo and I dont know if it is the central coast connection, but she is so easy to talk to. I'll post more about her at some later point, but for now I want to share some photos from my time in the countryside with Sunyoung


Sunyoung at lunch. As you might notice, we're sitting on the floor. In Korea, the heating system is done through the floor, so traditionally people sleep, eat, and just in general hang out on the floor.

My favorite Korean food is called Dalk Galbi. It means chicken bbq. Its SOOO yummy. So Sunyoung as an awesome guide did research to find

Sunday, April 04, 2010

a time for tears

While I have many joyous posts waiting for you all (Passover, Easter, and my visit to Suwon) I write tonight a post not quite joyous.
It was this week a year ago that the ex and I began our relationship. I was keenly aware of this fact all week. This past month I have been more social than ever before here in Korea, and this past week has been even more so. I have spent all week running around, getting things ready for Passover, hanging with friends, and just being in relationships in general. This is such a stark contrast from the dark hole I hid in from June till January. I spent those 8 months hiding from people, running from all friendships, and spending most of my free time alone. I was telling a friend today that I would spend my Saturdays alone, and would often go all day without saying a single word out loud. Most of you reading this blog know how much I talk. Nope, I learned to love silence. In fact, anything more than that would scare me. So this week, being a year mark from the beginning of the ex and me, being a generally social week, and being holy week... it all came crashing on me tonight. I cried a lot tonight. Not the deep despair crying like I did in October. But it wasnt just a tear rolling down the cheek. I am ok. There are people here who wont let me withdraw back into my pit. But I seeing how the darkness follows me. I haven't really regained any sense of a future. I am too comfortable being alone. And I am praying that God continue to walk me through this. I guess each step whether easy or hard must be done in faith that He is good and He is faithful.

As I heard a pastor say recently, "Faith is seeing God in the darkness"

May the Lord bless me and keep me, may He make His face shine down upon me, and may He grant me peace and grace in our Savior Jesus Christ.