Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brian McLaren

SO last night Rachel, Ashlee, Silvia (of course!!!) and I headed over to see one of the most controversial authors in the Christian community give a talk on the Global economy and the Kingdom of God. Brian wrote a book called Generous Orthodoxy that we have all read and I personally have a love hate relationship with it. i disagree with alot of what he says in the book, but I am grateful that he wrote it. Anyways, Rachel and i went up to him afterwards and talked to him. I had him sign the book and thanked him for coming out here to Chile. Random huh, that we would get the chance to see him while we are down here in South America?
Anyways, I left the talk last night in a funky mood. I just realize how ignorant I am about politics and economics in general. I have no firm opinion and everyone elses opinion seems to be correct. I wish i knew more, but everytime I try to learn more I feel defeated, like I know nothing and I hate the few things I know.
But it was still really cool to meet Brian McLaren...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

highs and lows

So at Youth Group every week, if someone comes late they have to stand inthe middle of the circle and while turning in circles, they have to tell the group what their high and low of the week was. I have gone to this group since March, basically every friday and I have been on time once. So always get teh pleasure of sharing my high and low of the week. Usually this is easy for me to do. I just pick something good and something bad from my over packed week and share it in my broken spanish. But last night (I was only 7 minutes late last night, woo hoo!), I honestly couldn't think of anything to share. That is just how boring my week has been.
a few of the ordinary but nice parts of my week:
Monday- I got to hang out with a buddy Susan who is from the States but married a Chileno.
Tuesday- (I no longer teach tuesday nights) AShlee and I made a delicious curry dinner together and then walked to Dunkin Donuts for some hot chocolate and incredibly sweet Bible study. Topic for the night 1 Peter 4, Suffering, are we?
Wednesday- Work as usual and Tim and Sallys house for babysitting
Thursday- I got to my class in La Dehesa (where the rich and famous live) an hour early and decided that instead of waiting in the cold for an hour, I would walk inthe cold for an hour. So i did and it was so beautiful. The houses are built right up along this creek and behind them is a mountain. so I put on my ipod (thanks mom!) and started walking. Really pretty stuff.
Friday- Rach came with me to work and Renca. Those Renca kids are just too cute. And after been brainwashed by my employers in the States to never affectionatly touch a kid (way too much lawsuit liability), it is really nice to get kisses on the check from these kids and just to hug them and love them. Sad story- one of the little girls named Rosa who has had cencer for a few years is having an operation this week. Please keep her in prayer.
After youth group, Ashlee and I convinced some of the peeps from the group to come with us to a Tango bar to watch old people dance Tango... unfortunatly, that was a flop. The tango bar was full and the hostess was a bit upset that all these youth (remember anything under 25 is youth) came in. We were told to be quiet in a very patronizing way and we just left. We went to a bar called the Phone Box Pub where an Elvis impersonator was performing. There were about 10 of us and Iwould have to say that the group was quite pleasent.
Anyways, that is a little taste of my week, fairly uneventful... but thats okay.

Monday, August 21, 2006

by the way...

My blog of my trip is a few entries down... it isn't finished yet, but eventually will be, hopefully.

Mother Teresa

For those of you who know me well, you know that I go through phases more often than a Chileno says "¿cachai?" (that means it happens very often). This includes phases in what books I read. The past ferw months have been filled with the deeper theology books, but since returning to Chile I have been craving biographies. So I am currently in the middle of 3 biographies of different missionaries, including Mother Teresa. I have to say... I may not agree with everything she practiced, like super strict prayer rituals for her sisters, but as I read her biography I am so awed at how a woman can have so much compassion and wisedom in her.
So much of her work was political (basically every move she made had to be approved by Rome) and yet, she found time to hold the dying. whao... I still wonder what the balance is in my life. How much service, how much studying?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

one year baby!

Today was not a great day. In fact in many ways today sucked. But I just realized that it is my one year mark from the day i left home. Crazy huhhh? Anyways, after a horrid day, that thought brought a smile to my face.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

an update soon

I am sorry for the huge break in blogs. I am back in Chile and safe (except for the asthma attacks that Santiago's pollution gave me). I promise I will post a huge blog soon that will go through the amazing trip I had and these first few days back in Chile.
God bless!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

an entry por fin!

I know, I know, I should have written earlier but this is seriously the first chance I have had to really just sit down and type to you all. I will write out the past few weeks in order and include any pictures i can in my entries. But before I begin, I want to thank all of you who were praying for my time in the States. My time with my family and friends was more than i could ask for.

And here we go...

Thursday- I got to the airport fine and arrived in Miami safely. At the border they found an apple that Ashlee had packed me for the trip that I hadn't eaten and after a minute of explaining to the security guards what the situation was, they let me take the apple out and throw it in the trash.

Friday-I arrived in New York and was met by a very familiar and friendly face. Diana who was a good friend from youth group when i was 16 met me at JFK with bagels in hand. We went to her apartment and then out for some great Indian food. After saying goodbye to Diana I made my way over to Jews For Jesus where I finally saw my dad. After a few minutes of hellos and awkward greetings where I tried to hug and kiss these boys I had never met before (thanks Chile for making me into a chilena). I finally figured that they were feeling awkward and forced myself to stop. Basically the whole day, anything I said had to be repeated in English since all my automatic responses were in Spanish. After saying hi and goodbye to everyone at Jews for Jesus, i tried desperatly to catch a taxi. A combination of the sudden rainstorm, the rush hour traffic and the shift change for all the taxi drivers madee catching a taxi impossible. I ended up walking/running in the rain with all my luggage in tow the 10 blocks or so to where I was going to catch the bus for Philly. i had prebought my ticket and was so scared that I would miss my bus, but the bus I had planned to take ended up being cancelled anyways (praise God!). So after sitting at the bus terminal for a few hours I got on my bus and headed for Philly where the beautiful Kallie picked me up and we began our day and a half of theology/life/prebyterianism/missions talking.

Saturday- Kallie and walked for like 6 hours around Philly. Our tour of Philly started with the Art Museum and we walked and walked until we couldn't walk anymore. I ate all the appropriate foods: Philly cheese steak, pretzel, ice cream (i forget what type of ice cream it was, but it was something specially Philadedelphian), Thai food, and to top it all off, Coldstones. Thanks to a special gift from Kallies dad, we took a carriage rided through the old part of Philly and it was awesome. Our carriage driver was so cool and one of those nerds that loves his job becuase he gets to talk about history all day long. It was a super sweet day...
Oh my gosh, how could I almost forget??? I stopped by Westminster on saturday and although there was no one on campus (I guess I can't expect too much on a saturday in the middle of summer) I sitll wlaked around and pretended I was a studeent there arguing with some of the greatest theological minds on this planet.

Sunday- I met up in Washington DC with my dad and we headed out to Arlington where my aunt and uncle live. In the metro station a man came up to me and started talking to me in spanish. My dad was confused, and so was I since I have no clue why the man knew I spoke spanish. Anyways, we went over to my aunt and uncles who I haven't seen in a long time and I was reminded of just how much I come from that family. my cousin Benny (who i haven't seen since I was 8 years old) and I have alot more in common than I have ever realized. I am hoping to convince him to come down here to Chile for a while. we´ll see... Then my dad and I went to my grandmas (YEAH!) who i miss mucho and I was so excited to see her new apartment. The plan was to go visit grandpa and then I would spend the night at my grandma's and my dad would stay with my uncle. We went to visit my grandpa who has recently not been doing well. I was sorry to see him in not the best condition but really grateful just to be close to him. After my mormor's death, I was hit with teh realization that I need to take advantage of the time i have with my grandparents now.

Monday- My dad and I went with my grandma one more time to visit my grandpa before we headed to the airport. We had our flights together and our seats reserved together. There was a family behind us for one of the flights and I was just so impressed with thte mom. i think the kids were adopted or foster kids since both parents were white and four out of the five kids were black (and all different shades of black). And this mom was amazing. i heard her the whole plane ride talking to her kids and loving them, even the way she told one of the little girls to stop kicking my seat was impressive. Anyways... We arrived safely and that night I met my dad's housemates Tina and Freddy who are from El Salvador. They are some of my new favorite people. So hospitable and sweet.

Tuesday- My dad and I ran errands. I know this may soudn wierd but that is exactly what I wanted to to with my dad. I just wanted to have a day with him that felt like a normal day. We went into the office and said hi to his coworkers and then over to the chilean embassay where I impressed my dad with my hardcore spanish. Then after a few more small errands (including lunch from LA TAPATIA!!!!!) we took naps. i woke up from my nap and found my dads house mate Freddy in the garden. We sat out in the shade eating freshing picked cucumbers and talking in spanglish. Then, my dad drove me over to my moms.

Wednesday- I spent the day with my mommy. We drove up to Napa and went wine tasting and exploring the beautiful terrain. I cannot say details of what we talked about since mother daughter talks are confidential, but I will say this: it was so good to talk to my mom. We found a cute restaurant that served us ice teas and chips and salsa outside as we listened to a man play guitar on the nearby stage. Then after a delicous dinner we drove home and decided to go to a movie. We saw scanner darkly which wasn't my favorite movie of all time, but after such a great day, i can't complain.

Thursday- My mom went to work and I also began the huge job of sorting through all my possesions and deciding what I want to bring back, what I need to bring back, and what I need to buy to bring back. After a few hours of sorting, my mom returned from work to have lunch with me. She also brought back my sister who brought me an apple (thanks Aviva). We went out to lunch and I went back to my job of sorting.

Friday- I woke up early to pick up a rental car. Then i headed to SLO! On my way down I stopped by to see Emerald. That girl is so supper sweet and I loved just talking to her and hearing from her in person how she was doing. I had to cut it short thought to get back on the road to SLO. When i finally got to SLO I headed to Danielles house where would be staying. I have known Danielles parents for a few years now and have talked to them a little, but I really got to spend time with them that weekend. We sat in their living room for a few hours just talking about life and all. I really like them. They have beautiful spirits. I drove into SLO that night and as I drove through I was just overwhelmed by the absolute preciousness of the town. I drove out to Avila and found a little farmers market happening with a live band playing. Families were out htere eating cotton candy and laughing and dancing to teh music. it was truly magical. But I felt wierd. i couldn't figure out if I was supposed to be sad that I didn't live in this enchanting world anymore, sentimental that I used to live here, or just happy to be in such a beautiful part of God's creation. I called my mom and felt a little better.
I then drove out to Danielles church where she was helping out with a high school youth group`sleep over. I hung out with her there for a while which was basically just quality time talking to one of the people who understand me more than I can describe who i can tell anything to. Really nice time. I drove back to her house and went to bed, while she faced the high schoolers.

Keith, youre just going to ahve to wait for the blog on our coffee date, wontcha??

The rest of the days will be coming soon.... patience