Monday, January 18, 2010

some cool news and a reflection

First let me just start off with saying it is almost 2am here and I worked a 11.5 teaching hour day today. Now, I am up at this ungodly hour because I am sick (again!) and am waiting for the sweats from my fever breaking to end so I can take a shower and try to sleep.

Now that my current status is updated, let me share with you some exciting news. One of my friends is going to move here to Seoul! That's right, my old dear friend Ben Ferri is moving to Seoul in a few weeks to teach at my school! It will be weird to have a friend here who knew me before the valley since I feel like the last 6 months have changed me a lot. But at the same time, Ben has been a friend of mine for over two years and I am really happy to have him close (plus, he gives great hugs and that is something pretty limited here in Korea!) We met at Westminster Theological Seminary and hit it off right away. Life (and ourselves) got in the way sometimes of our friendship but I am so excited to get to be close to him again.

So that's my good news and now for my reflection (ps- the burning fingertips might mean the fever is almost over, yay!). So there is a coworker here that I recently realized is a lot like my ex. Yeah, not in a super obvious way, but in some of the details that I've noticed over the past few months. My coworker, we'll call him "Conner", is great. He is really one of the only guys at work and he often finds himself amoung a group of women, who are talking about girlie things and he isn't running for the door. He often has insightful things to add. In fact, he has one of the best fashion senses out of all of us. Now, I am NO fashionista, but I remember the ex and I having more than one conversation about clothes. Now that I've noticed Conner's choice of apparel, I think Conner and the ex have the same wardrobe. No really, today Conner wore a pink and various pastel colored collared button-up with a cream sweater vest. Yeah, the sweater vest gave it away! It's the thing I think about when I remember the ex. And he LOVED lavender. But that's not all. They are similar in other ways. Both are very kind, willing to help even when it is not their responsibility, and very generous. I almost laughed when I found out that Conner got his mom and sister stuff from Tiffanys since the ex loved to buy gifts from there. (my coworkers must be laughing by now, go ahead and laugh, but its true!)
Anyways, I think its good. I am in no way attracted to Conner, but I like him a lot and it is good for me to have a friend like him. Maybe a little bit of my hurt and possibly anger toward the opposite gender will be burned off through our friendship.
ps- the good looking guy just above is NOT the ex... just a photo from banana republic's website, showing off the sweater vests that I so loathe. On that sad note- Goodnight!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Superhero Dialogues

Another post about my kids.
Really, I could post every day about the silly things my kids say and do. For today's post I thought I would share with you some of the dialogues wrote for me. The assignment was to write a dialogue of an interview between you and a superhero. I want to share two of them with you. These two boys are best friends in my class but their dialogues are quite different.

The first dialogue is well... it's kinda boring.

P1: What is your name?
p2: My name is Churchill.
P1: WHo are you?
P2:I am the Prime Minister of Great Britian.
P1: Where were you born?
P2: I was born in England in 1874.
P1: When did you become the Prime Minister?
P2: I became the Prime Minister in 1940.
P1: Why did you become the Prime Minister?
P2: I became the Prime Minister to win the second World War.
P1: How was you life?
P2:It was happy.

Ok, I guess Churchill could be considered a superhero.

The second dialogue is much more creative... and actually quite informative.

Tim: hello?
x-killer: hello? What are you doing?
Tim: I'm playing.
x-killer:Oh that's great!
Tim:I hear that you killed Becka. Did you?
x-killer: yeah, of course! I ate her and she was very delicious!
Tim:That's great. Thank you!
x-killer: hahaha
Tim: But Becka is not dead because Becka is a vampire.
x-killer: oh yeah, I forgot that.
Tim: But one think can kill Becka.
x-killer: what is that?
Tim: Mix tomato juice, honey, and kiwi. Spray it and Becka will die.
x-killer: Thank you! I will do it.
Tim: You're welcome.

And there you go.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some moments with students

Today I had some... let's just call them "moments" with my students. It was a LONG day today, and in it were some really funny moments, some really frustrating moments, and everything in between. One of my classes has a bunch of crazy boys (and two sweet girls). I love this class. Everything is in high energy and while I have to yell at them alot, we laugh a ton in that class. One of the boys, we'll call him Tony, loves to sit next to me. He's 9, adorable, and hilarious. But sometimes he is just too distracting. So I give him sentences to write. Yep, just like Bart Simpson in the opening credits, when my students misbehave I have them write a sentence 10, 20, sometimes 30 times. So today was one of those days for Tony. He had too much energy for his own good and kept getting out of his seat, stealing a whiteboard pen from my desk, and writing things on the board. Can we say distracting? One time, the snow from the bottom of his shoe had melted, leaving a puddle under his feet. He stood up really quickly to write something on the board (without permission) and almost like a cartoon, out went his feet from under him. I heard his head smack against the wall. I almost died of worry, but in true boy fashion he didn't show any pain. Nope, he sat down and continued to distract the class. So after a few threats of sentence writings, I pulled out a paper and told him to write 20x "I will not be a distraction in Becka's class." He wrote them out pretty quickly and then, right in the middle of a class activity, he yells out that he finished writing his sentences and proceeded to loudly read the sentences out to the class.
"I will not be a distraction in Becka's class! I will not be a distraction in Becka's class!"
-Um, yeah. mission accomplished
On a less amusing note, I got a new student today in one of my classes. His first words to me: "teacher, you are fat." Yeah, that wasn't the only time he said it, either. He actually told me I'm fat, asked me why I'm fat, and made a vocab sentence about being fat. I had tried to just shake him off the idea that those comments were entertaining, but eventually I realized that only threatening to punish him for such comments would do any good. Yep.
Ugh. Welcome to my life.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I do this to myself.

Actually I blame my mother. She is definitly the one I inherited the schmoltzy gene from. My dad doesn't cry when he watches a sad movie. No, he looks over at me sitting next to him with tears uncontrolably down my cheeks and usually chuckles. My mom is the one to blame. You can find us in front of some sappy movie sharing a box of tissues, trying to control the streams of tears and smalls fits of laughter at how silly we are for crying.

Today was a snow day so I spent much of it in my apartment cleaning and catching up on grading. I also watched some TV. Yeah, I should I have known better than to watch Brothers and Sisters. For each 45 minute episode, I spend at least 10 of them crying. I cried a bit this weekend actually. Maybe it's the cold and snow. Maybe it's the New Year and thinking about all that happened last year. Maybe I've been away from those I love for too long. Whatever it is, I've cried quite a bit this weekend. Tonight I saw something and it triggered in me the tiniest bit of sadness. Not the overwhelming kind I drowned in earlier this year. Just a deep still sadness. My heart seems to be a well that I just can't find the bottom of. It goes deeper and deeper. I fear what kind of pain it can withstand. I don't want to know it's limit. I guess its a good thing that this month is full of working overtime and snow. Maybe it will be too busy for me stop and think about things. I think I need to learn to not dwell in the sadness, but to just go to sleep (or just stop watching Brothers and Sisters!) I'm ok. No where NEAR where I was a few months ago. I think my heart, even after all this time, is still just tender. It's still really quick to feel things and to feel them deeply. I don't know if that will ever change. I guess with deep love, comes deep pain. And with deep pain comes the hope of deep love.

So I leave you with this quote:

The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater. --J. R. R. Tolkien (Fellowship of the Ring)

grandma... look what I have!

In my grandma's apartment is a painting of a girl in a yellow dress. I love this painting. In fact, I've told my grandma that I want her to leave it for me in her will. She has made no such promises, but I still hope that maybe someday she'll change her mind.

Well, I've been wanting to get a puzzle for a few weeks now. I keep seeing these VanGough paintings on puzzles and I have been waiting to buy one. Finally I found some on sale and as I was rumaging through the boxes to find the picture I wanted, I came across this one of a girl in a yellow dress. It looked so familiar and it took me a moment to figure out where I had seen it before. It was the same one as my grandma's! So I couldn't resist. This puzzle will have to do until I can convince my grandma to give me her beautiful painting.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Pics

All ready to head out to the party!

Happy New Years!!!

Jordan and I playing with sticks. She is the daughter of a couple at church, and I have had the chance to play with her a few times. I LOVE this age.

How ADORABLE is this kid?!?! I just might have to get a lavender tutu in my size.

Nikki and I at the party

Playing "yut", which is the traditional game to play at New Years.

Shopping in the freezing cold... it's my vacation, it's Christmas, and I've decided that I am allowed some shopping fun.