Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some moments with students

Today I had some... let's just call them "moments" with my students. It was a LONG day today, and in it were some really funny moments, some really frustrating moments, and everything in between. One of my classes has a bunch of crazy boys (and two sweet girls). I love this class. Everything is in high energy and while I have to yell at them alot, we laugh a ton in that class. One of the boys, we'll call him Tony, loves to sit next to me. He's 9, adorable, and hilarious. But sometimes he is just too distracting. So I give him sentences to write. Yep, just like Bart Simpson in the opening credits, when my students misbehave I have them write a sentence 10, 20, sometimes 30 times. So today was one of those days for Tony. He had too much energy for his own good and kept getting out of his seat, stealing a whiteboard pen from my desk, and writing things on the board. Can we say distracting? One time, the snow from the bottom of his shoe had melted, leaving a puddle under his feet. He stood up really quickly to write something on the board (without permission) and almost like a cartoon, out went his feet from under him. I heard his head smack against the wall. I almost died of worry, but in true boy fashion he didn't show any pain. Nope, he sat down and continued to distract the class. So after a few threats of sentence writings, I pulled out a paper and told him to write 20x "I will not be a distraction in Becka's class." He wrote them out pretty quickly and then, right in the middle of a class activity, he yells out that he finished writing his sentences and proceeded to loudly read the sentences out to the class.
"I will not be a distraction in Becka's class! I will not be a distraction in Becka's class!"
-Um, yeah. mission accomplished
On a less amusing note, I got a new student today in one of my classes. His first words to me: "teacher, you are fat." Yeah, that wasn't the only time he said it, either. He actually told me I'm fat, asked me why I'm fat, and made a vocab sentence about being fat. I had tried to just shake him off the idea that those comments were entertaining, but eventually I realized that only threatening to punish him for such comments would do any good. Yep.
Ugh. Welcome to my life.

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Diana said...

You are not fat, but if you ever do get fat, there will just be more of you for me to love!

Ok, that line was used on me by a guy, but it's cute and a good one. I love you!!!