Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Superhero Dialogues

Another post about my kids.
Really, I could post every day about the silly things my kids say and do. For today's post I thought I would share with you some of the dialogues wrote for me. The assignment was to write a dialogue of an interview between you and a superhero. I want to share two of them with you. These two boys are best friends in my class but their dialogues are quite different.

The first dialogue is well... it's kinda boring.

P1: What is your name?
p2: My name is Churchill.
P1: WHo are you?
P2:I am the Prime Minister of Great Britian.
P1: Where were you born?
P2: I was born in England in 1874.
P1: When did you become the Prime Minister?
P2: I became the Prime Minister in 1940.
P1: Why did you become the Prime Minister?
P2: I became the Prime Minister to win the second World War.
P1: How was you life?
P2:It was happy.

Ok, I guess Churchill could be considered a superhero.

The second dialogue is much more creative... and actually quite informative.

Tim: hello?
x-killer: hello? What are you doing?
Tim: I'm playing.
x-killer:Oh that's great!
Tim:I hear that you killed Becka. Did you?
x-killer: yeah, of course! I ate her and she was very delicious!
Tim:That's great. Thank you!
x-killer: hahaha
Tim: But Becka is not dead because Becka is a vampire.
x-killer: oh yeah, I forgot that.
Tim: But one think can kill Becka.
x-killer: what is that?
Tim: Mix tomato juice, honey, and kiwi. Spray it and Becka will die.
x-killer: Thank you! I will do it.
Tim: You're welcome.

And there you go.


aviva said...


you better watch your back.

leah said...

not sure what to say to that, except.....awesome.

Anonymous said...

OK, I may be an accountant, but I still like the 2nd one best. It was great! Dad