Saturday, December 03, 2011

to my pops

I called my dad today, got his voicemail, and sang a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now, Im not really satisfied with that, so I decided it would be appropriate to give a full fledged shout out to my dad here on the blog.
One of the things I'd like to do here is to list some of the things I inherited from my dad that Im grateful for, and some of the things I WISH I had inherited from him, but I didn't.

Things I DID get from my dad:
- responsibility with money. Now this is less genetic and more training. From as early as I can remember getting an allowance, my dad had us put 10% toward tithing, 50% into "savings" and 40% was spending. By "savings" I mean the money went right back into his pocket. He gave each of us this little check book, we kept track of our savings and when the time came that we wanted to spend some of our savings on something we had to go to my dad to get the money out of the "bank". I VIVIDLY remember my first big purchase. It was a doll that I got from Toys R Us and I remember it was only supposed to be $19.99. But when we got to the cash register, it was over $20! Hence I learned first hand about how we have to pay taxes on purchases.

- my love for grocery shopping. Maybe youre thinking this is silly, but my love for grocery shopping comes directly from my dad. There aren't many people who LIKE grocery shopping. But I love it! I love walking up and down the aisles with a cart. I find it incredibly relaxing. I remember going with my dad to Costco on Saturday afternoons. We would go into the huge warehouse and go up and down the aisles getting all the samples we could. Then, after we had hit up all the samples (and my dad had got the few items he needed) we would head over to the food court area and get lunch. We could get either a big piece of pizza or a hot dog. My brother and I always got the pizza and my sister usually got the hot dog. She was so funny because she would eat it, not from the side like a normal person, but she would take bites along the top of the hotdog. (Do you remember this Aviva?) Anyways, back to the point. I love grocery shopping.

Something I did NOT get from my dad but I wish I did:
-steadiness. My dad is the most steady man you will ever meet. Like he has more discipline than an army general. He decides to do something and then he just does it. I on the other hand, decide to do something and then fight and often lose the battle to follow through.

Something I did NOT get from my dad and Im grateful:
-Baldness. Yep. and everytime people tell me I look just like my dad, I smile to myself, grateful that while I might look "just like him", I have hair on my head.

So yeah, thats my dad. Happy birthday to the incredible man who has been such a blessing in my life. I LOVE YOU!