Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i hate alter calls

I have a break tonight so I thought i would catch up on all this stuff. I am sitting at a coffee shop called Abouche. It feels confortable to be in a coffee shop, but I wish i were in slo. I went home to slo yesterday for the day to clean... yeah! Anyways, I am not sure if anyone even reads this but i have been thinking about a issue at camp and I would love to get it out for others opinions. You see, all week here at camp we sing silly cmap songs and have corny object lessons about faith hope and love. But i don't think that any of the campers are understanding the concept of sin. I know that the 16 girls in my and my co counselor's cabins did not. And those were the oldest girls, 12 years old. There are so many problems with this issue, but the problem I am most concerned with is that on Sunday mornings when we have our church service, the issue is not addressed. All the children are told is that they need to follow Jesus. Then this corny song is sung but most of the camp. It goes, "I've got my mind made up, and my heart is set, and I'm going with Jesus all the way." Well, issues this that too, because the song starts off with one person singing it and then if you want to sing it, you raise your hand and the main person calls on you. Well, next comes my favorite part. the ALTER CALL. I hate them, well maybe that is harsh, because God could use them in a persons life, but can I just say that the previous day, the 16 girls in my cabin could not for the life of them explain to me what the memory verse meant to them personally. the verse was not hard, the verse said that without faith it is impossible to please God. Well, if you cannot talk about that, how in the world are you going to go up to the front of chapel and promise to follow Jesus. And then I think of Brian's sermon some time ago about the bleeding woman and how what little faith she had, although ignorant was good enough for God. So should I not be worried that these campers have no clue why they should follow Christ. We are not supposed to follow Him becuase our couselors tell us to. or because everyone else around us is doing the same. or even becasue it seems right at the time (some might argue that this is the Holy Spirit promting us. But I argue that often at camp, that feeling is more of a social pressure) no we are supposed to understand that our souls lack something and we are supposed to understand that if we ask Him to, Jesus will cover us in his blood to pay for those sins. I am sorry, I just don't see the children understanding that. I think it is possible though. I htink that these children are older enough to understand that. I was talking to someone else about ti and they were saying that tons of kids in middle schools are smoking pot and giving blow jobs in the bathrooms at recess. Tell me that a child who is able to do that cannot understand sin. WE FALL SHORT. I don't know if there is anything I can do outside of just trying to explain to my girls the Truth about sin and redemption. I feel helpless here. and I wish there was more.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


So quick update, because I have like 3 minutes before my break is over and I must retrun to cmap. I graduated on Saturday and on Tuesday I came up to Scotts Valley California for summer camp. It is tiring, but exciting to think that I will be working with kids soon. I have also noticed that I am craving the Word alot these days. Praise God!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Rico and Rachel

Rico, I am writing this only because I want you to read this blog. And i think that you are really cool!!!!!!
Rachel, I am going to miss you, you have been such a blessing in my life.

Annie this is for you

So Annie, I know you have read my blog, but you didn't comment. come'on girl, i gotta know that youre there. man oh man, I will be missing you. you should hang out with Marta, i think you guys would really like each other. Go make some pottery with Mary or something. :)

camp is next

i will try to keep up on blogging, but at camp the opportunities to use internet are few.

I now have an email account. spead it like wildfire.


Sorry i haven't written anything recently, but graduation was saturday. I AM A COLLEGE GRAD! Yeah, I don't think Cal poly realized who they were giving the diploma to. It will be very interesting to see who stays in touch, and who doesn't. I am afraid that most of my friends will not stay in touch. I haven't even said good bye to some people. sadness....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

YEAH for blogs!

I am so excited that blogs exist. It is kinda like a safety blanket, I feel like I can take part of home with me. Brian, i love the fact that even on the other side of the world I get to talk to you about theology and hear about the amazing things you are reading. Garret, I know you don't think you want anyone to read your blog, but I WILL FIND OUT YOUR BLOGS NAME... :) You two boys have been amazing teachers over this last year and I am excited that the learning isn't going to end. Sally and Sarah- I think you guys need to get blogs, because you have also been HUGE models in my life. Sally, maybe you could even post pics of little Willa cuz Lord knows she is going to grow up fast. Anyways, just a thought...


Now, I know that "funness" is not really a word, but it should be. Today is the day designated for packing up the house. It's kinda sad, I am here at home alone, going through all of my clothes and junk, trying to seperate myself from material belongs that need to be disposed of. I guess this whole leaving thing is really going to happen...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

not sure where I am going

it is kinda scary that I have no clue where I will be in 3 months. I know that August 17th I am going to Venezuela, and then on Sept 1 I am going to Chile, pero despues... no se. Maybe I will fall in love with Trinidad and never want to leave, maybe I will be a naay for a family in Chile and live along the beach. Who knows? People are asking me if I am scared, I am not sure that scared is the right word. I am curious, and probably not being realistic, but that is all part of the journey right? Aye, this life is interesting.

talking to Annie

yesterday i hung out with Annie Hock, who happens to be one of my favorite people in the world. She is just very real and beautiful. Anyways, she was telling me about Trinidad and it just sounded so nice there. Only 74 more days. Wow, that is just crazy. in 74 days I will be in another country. I am trying to convince Annie to come with me, but I don't think she will.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

back, but sick

so Ashlee and I came back to our lovely California on monday night around 11pm. And man, were we glad to be back. We were talking about it, and we both agree that Chicago was nice to visit, but was just not for us. We love the California lifestyle with walking everywhere and TOFU! But Chicago was fun, and now I need to buckle down and start thinking about finishing all the stuff needed for graduating. YEAH!