Thursday, December 21, 2006


So here it is, the following few weeks:
Dec. 22nd- leave for BA and meet up with Mom and Nigel at the airport to fly to Ushuaia (the very tip of South America)
23rd till 27th- leave from Ushuaia on a cruise through Argentina and Chile, looking at glaciers and hopefully seeing some penguins :)
27th- land in Punta Arenas, hopefully see my friends Alister and Julie (a chilean couple who studies at the Centro de Estudios Pastorales)
27th-30th Mom and Nigel drop me off at Puerto Natales where I am staying at a really nice hotel on the lakeside that has a full spa (ouch, life is hard!)
30th- fly up to Santiago with Mom and Nigel, head out to Viña del Mar for the night
31st- go up to La Serena and experience NEW YEARS!!!!! woo hoo!
31st till 2nd- La Serena and Valle del Elqui
3rd till 6th- drive down to Horcón, a little hippy beach town that I am sure to fall in love with
7th- I come back to Santiago, but leave for Camp with my church, I will only be able to go the one day, but it is the last day of the camp so it will be good!
8th-11th- Mom and Nigel in Santiago with ME!!!!!
SO there you go folks.
Love you all.
May you have a blessed Christmas, remembering that Christ gave Himself up, became man and died for us.
And a joyful New Year, knowing that the past year is done, the lessons have been learned (hopefully!) and we can rest assured that God will continue to grow us and mold us into His image the next year. God Bless!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I swear I am not doing this on purpose

So I made plans last night to hang out with Courtney and some other friends. It turned out to be us girls, Timo, Jason, Sam, and a guy who I have been waiting to meet for the last 6 months named Rick. I have heard so much about this guy who was Sam's rebellious partner in crime when they were 12, who loves to debate theology and church ideologies, and yet holds very different views than our little group of friends, who lived in the Amazon for 6 months, who is to Sam what Rachel is to me. Good stuff. And with all the things I have heard about him for the last 6 months, I was still not dissapointed. He was a really sweet guy who stepped easily into our group, able to converse with whomever he pleases about a variety of conversations. The problem is that I told the boys that I needed to leave by 11 since I had to leave the house at 7:30 this morning and I had a full day ahead of me. So tell me why I checked my watch at 12:30 and realized that it was WAY past my bed time, and although I tried to go home, other things kept happening and I didn't get home until 2:30! To tell you the truth, I feel like it is the end of high school though. At the end of high school there is so much going on that you just get worn out, but you know that your chance to live those moments are few before they are all gone. So you do it. You do stùpid things like stay up late and then have to get up early the next morning.
Today was the graduation celebration of the little kids in Reñca. We took all of them and their siblings to a christmas fair. Basically: roller coasters and other little rides, hot dogs, balloons, face painting, and of course a show. The kids were SOOOOO happy. Seriously, it made my day just to watch them giggling and screaming, and running around and around. What a beautiful thing to make a kid laugh. And these children who have SO little, to give them a day of pure fun... wow!
Now I am back at CEP trying to do all the crazy last minute things before I go to CEP's graduation ceremony. And then, maybe out to dinner with Seba... it's going to be quite a day once I am done with it!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

listening to...

on my blog radio today:
pure country music. I have no clue why, but sometime I find myself craving some good old school country music. Right now: Kenny with "She's got it all"

a little tired

So last night Courtney came over and we ordered pizza (go Chile for having Pizza hut on every other corner) and we watched the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice over pepperoni pizza and white wine (classy, aren't we?). But yeah, afer going to bed at like 3:30 and waking up to make some of my traditional fried rice breakfast, I am tired. but that still won't stop me from going to work, buying Christmas pressents, going with Courtney to get her lip pierced, and hopefully having a little mango sour celebration tonight for Jason who is finishing his PSU (like the SAT's)!
I have been hanging out with a new friend named Sebastian who I met a few weeks ago. It's funny we haven't known each other for long, but find each other really confortable and enjoy spending time together, so we do. In fact, I ahve spent more time with him in the last week than any of my other friends, combined. To make things interesting, he is a palestinian chileno. And I am the jewish gringa. These things make me smile.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

and just one gringa was left

I came to this country alone. I lived here alone for 6 months before I even saw gringa from home. But for the last 9 months I have shared my life with Ashlee, and Rachel and Danielle, and Nathan, and Rocky, and of course Courtney (what? forget you Courtz? never! Idiot!) But this week has beenthe week of goodbyes. I just said good bye to Nathan who is heading up to Peru for a while. Courtney came over and basially had a "lets drink pisco and talk about boys" night.. good stuff. And Ashlee left on Thursday. It's weird, but because Ashlee is coming back in a few months, i am not really upset. I mean, it was definitly weird to come back to the house and have my roommate Paula telling me that NOW I am going to have to speak Spanish. Bueno. It is just a vacation. I am leaving on friday, and when I get back from traveling with my mommy and Nigel, I have about amonth before the gringas return... this time both Ashlee and Danielle... YEAH!
Anyways, it was weirtd feeling to be alone. It wasn't as sad as I thought it would be, it was just quiet. This next week will be filled with so many activities that I am felling tired already... or many that was the staying up till 4am last night. Anyways, I should go... I will try to keep the blogs up during the next few weeks, but I am not sure I can with all the traveling.
Mucho cariño a todos!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thanksgiving fotos and others

Aunt Sandy, these are for you!
(Ashlee's aunt Sandy)

And now some bowling fotos:

Mely realizes that she is loosing the game, the bet, and therefore loosing the right to Edward Swan.. jeje!

And of course, Starbucks!

And finally.. the Gays, the Jews, and the Canutos (Jesus Freaks)!


My prayer life sucks. Basically I have commited to sitting out on my balcony for the last 15-20 minutes of every night and praying. And it has felt so uncomfortable, like talking to an old friend for the first time after years of not seeing them. I don't know what to say to God. I don't know how to praise Him. I look at the stars, and I feel awe, but not connected to this Creator I have come to admire, serve, and love. So I pray anyways and ask for forgiveness for my cold heart. I started this practice a little over a week ago, and each night, my talks with God become more natural, my praise more heart felt. And I have seen the effects of this choice in other areas. God speaks (or I listen to Him) more during the day.
I have been facing some interesting questions recently about my future. And in answering my questions, I know what my answer would have been a few years ago. And although they are the first answers that come to mind, I find myself answering differently, and these answers seem to be marked by a maturity that I don't have yet. But maybe I am in the process of growing. I am learning what it means to serve the Lord. What it means to know yourself, to know your limitations, to know your gifts, and to allow the Lord to work through them. To submit yourself to the Holy Spirit. To see an opportunity and before rushing into it, to consider well the implications of that decision. To consciously invest in your gifts and talents, and to take risks. To love life, and not run away from what it calls you to do.
I was talking to my friend Jason about some decisions and he made a comment about how we gringas are always changing our lives. Like one year we say we will live in the US, and the next year in Chile, and then a few months later in Cambodia. And it's true, kinda. There are so many people my age who are taking advantage of our great placement in life. We have the means and opportunities to travel. We have the desire to see the world, to know other people, other cultures. And I have been a part of that. And I have helped others be a part of that.
And yet, I find myself with the opportunity (and a little restlessness in my heart) to move on. Not to let myself get too comfortable in my life here in Chile. Maybe Brazil (with you, Aviva). Or maybe Africa. Who knows where I could go. And I could find an excuse to go there. But I think God might be calling me to grow up. To just do something. Don't get me wrong, I am SO glad I took the risk of coming out here all on my own. I am glad God called me out here to Chile. But before I continue my "out on the open road" youthful dreams, I am starting to think that God might want to just use me where I am. I'm still not sure what all this means. But I can feel God pulling me into something new. Something old actually. It almost feels like He is telling me to put away those childish things, and to focus on Him.
One of the things that I am thinking about it seminary. Yep, I'll definitly back into my 3 month cycle of wanting to be in seminary. What would I study? It reminds me of my desire for a tattoo. I want one, I know that, but I can't decide what drawing I would want. And I can't get one, until I am sure that I want that drawing. Same with seminary. I am pretty sure that I will go. But I can't go, I can't even apply until I know what I want to study. And then I hit the big question... what type of ministry do I want to do. After thinking and praying (woohoo! prayer rocks!) I have realized more of less where I want to work: in Urban Missions with a focus on Women's Discipleship. Yeah. Or at least for this week, that is where I am.

P.S. Kallie, you rock my world. I feel you babe!

Monday, December 11, 2006

long time no type

So the last week has been one of many things. Some of the things have been good, some bad, many of them are just a part of life. On friday we (Ashlee and I) went to Viña to visit some friends. We stayed with our friend Silvia who lives in a sweet house on the hill in Viña. From her house you can see downtown Viña and the beach crowded with people. And it was at her house that we had an asado (BBQ) which consisted of meat, beer, diet coke, and more meat. There were about 10 of us there. Good times. At the end of the night we found ourselves sitting around the table with the last of the meat and beer, singing songs. Any song would do: Christmas songs, Elton John, Damien Rice, Backstreet boys, and of course Disney classics. The truth is, to see a group of 4 boys singing "A whole new world" was quite entertaining.
The next day Ashlee and I returned to Santiago and threw a goodbye party for Ashlee. It was an ice cream/dance party. Around 2am (which is early for Chilenos) the administration of our building knocked on our door to tell us that we were being too loud. Oops!
Sunday was a FULL day. Church in the morning (well, noon to be exact). Lunch at the home of some of our friends. Pinochet (see the blog from last week) died and Santiago turned into chaos. After lunch we went bowling with a bunch of kids from the youth group. Then, after hanging out in the mall food court, we went to another church service at another church. And then to another food court for dinner. Yep. A lot of church and alot of food courts. But it was in general a good day.
Sorry I haven't written more about Pinochet's death, but as much as it is a HUGE deal here, it hasn't seemed to affect my life personally. Maybe if I have time tomorrow I will post on it... but knowing how this week is looking, I think not.
Bueno, chau, chau, for now!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So I bought some roses today because they made me happy. There is nothing in the world like some beautiful roses...

Bonnie Raitt

I am at work and listening to a good old friend of mine.. Bonnie Raitt. I am not sure how old I was when I first heard her singing, but her songs have always sung themselves straight into my heart. As much as I am a pop kinda girl, I have a part of me that will always turn to blues/folk when I need to truly feel those feelings of pain and love and anything in between.
Playing right now: I can't make you love me if you don't... ouch.

Thanks mom for introducing me to Bonnie and giving me a love for that grass roots kind of music.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I was just browsing facebook and I found 3 more buddies who have been married. argghhhh... I give up!
How in the world am I only 23 and I feel so behind???


About 5 blocks from my house a man named Pinochet is lying in a hospital bed. He is just a man, a sinner who has lived his life far from the Lord and who is now dying and more than ever needs to repent and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus (thanks to Timo for pointing this out to me).
But this man is so much more than just a man for the people of Chile. He was their general. He bascially led the country out of communism and economical depression by killing anyone who challenged him. And he killed thousands of people. Some people hate him with such fury that to this day they demonstrate their hatred with street fires and violence. Others love him and affectionately call him "mi general" and are now planted outside the hospital where he lays on his deathbed, waving flags and cheering for him. If he dies... wow, I have no idea what to expect.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Some news from the heart

So I had a conversation with one of my dear friends last night (you know who you are!) about how difficult it is to be single, especially during the holidays. It seems like everytime I login to facebook, I find wedding pictures of another buddy from university who has tied the knot. Every Valentine's Day I swear that the next year, just one more year, and I will have a real valentine. And every year, I am left trying to find excuses for not having a real valentine.
Now I am being really honest here and if you just happened to stumble upon this blog and you don't actually know me, then you can stop reading. But the name of my blog is heart of lippy, and I being the extremely emotional, "let's figure out what is going on in our hearts" type of girl, I want to really share with you guys what is going on in my heart.
For the last 23 years I have wanted to get married. Seriously, my mom can vouch for me. It probably started in the womb. Now when people discover this fact about me, they usually react by telling me not to rush into anything and not to marry just anyone, but to be sure that he is a Christian. And they often seem worried that I am going to run off with the first guy who comes my way. Okay...
There is another part of me that is just as vital a part of my desire. I have a list of non-negotiables. I wrote out the list about 3 years ago when an older woman told me to think about those things I want in a man that are non- negotiable (I have now patened that term and plan on writing the next Purpose Driven Life based around this idea). Basically, this is a list of 5 things that I know are necessary in order for me to marry someone. I REFUSE to be with someone who does not have these qualities. (and no, dark curly hair and a big nose are not included in the list, but they do help the guy's chances!) The funny thing is that when I share this list with others, they often tell me that my expectations are too high. That I expect too much. That I won't find a guy like that and that I should just "let love find me". So while people are all worried that I am going to run off with the first guy to come along, they are also worried that I won't ever find that ONE guy who fits my list.
Well, the last few months I have been learning a lot about love and what it means to like someone and to not like someone and to start a relationship, and to break up, all of has been before my eyes these last few months.
And I have come to two conclusions.
1.) being in love, being known, knowing someone, being loved, and loving someone are deep desires in the hearts of bascially every girl I have ever met (and I bet most boys feel it too)
2.) my non-negotiables are NOT too high. This has been so confirmed in the last few months. People think that no guy will have all my non-negotiables, but that is a lie. God has proved to me that has created a guy who fits my non-negotiables and that He can do it again. I have recently tried (kinda) to lower my expectations, and I realized very quickly that lowering my expectations is a BIG mistake. God is in the process of making me more like His Son Jesus Christ. That I might serve and love and preach His good news of salvation. And in that manner, I am being made a godly woman. How should I not then save my heart for a godly man.
That being said, I am reminded every time I get all mopey about being alone, that God has promised to be good to me. That He has promised to bring all that I need to live a godly life. That He will provide everything in my life, including His providing fulfilment of that need to be loved and to love. The holiday season that is coming up has been traditionally one of the hardest times of my year. To be honest, I hate Christmas. Not that I hate the remembering that Jesus was born. Or that I hate the commericalism of it all (which I do, but that's not the point I am making). But I hate that I have this idea of what Christmas should look like. And it never does. Christmas time is always filled with couples holding hands and kissing under mistletoe, and all that crap. Many of my friends have gotten married in the last year and are celebrating their first Christmas together... and that is really awesome. But I guess for all those of us who don't have that yet and are feeling alone, I am there with you. And let us hold onto those promises that God gave us as His children, we have a heavenly Father who loves us and will provide everything we need. Including love.
God bless.

Friday, December 01, 2006

a new friend

I made a new friend yesterday. Although this was the 3rd or 4th time I had met him, we had never really talked before yesterday. His name is Daniel and he is from England and is married to a girl from Mexico and they are missonaries in Viña del Mar with their little baby boy. So Daniel was in Santiago yesterday and came by CEP (the seminary I work at) and we started talking. One of his first questions for me was, "Have you ever heard of a guy named Mark Driscoll?". And I laughed and nodded my head explaining listen to his sermons quite often. (some of you may remember a blog I posted about that pastor a few weeks back). It was at that point that I noticed that Daniel was carrying three books with him. They were a sure sign that Daniel and i would be friends.
1.) Confession of a Reformission Rev. by Mark Driscoll
2.)The story we find ourselves in. by Brian McLaren (I have also dedicated a post to him in the past)
3.) Becoming Conversant with the Emergent Church. By D. A. Carson who is one of the leading Reformed theologians and this is his response to the Emergent church.

So after 30 minutes of talking about these authors and others, Daniel had to leave and I really had to get to work. But we decided that we would try to meet up later to continue our conversation. Daniel was going to be meeting up with James (one of the most brillant guys I know down here who happens to know personally some of my favorite theologians like Grudem and Frame). And then Sam was invited (no theological conversation would be complete without him).
They came over around 8:30 and we had tea and cookies (or according to the Brits we ate biscuits). And then we just talked. I showed off my Edersheim book and James showed us some hilarious websites. In fact, really, you should see them. If you have any idea what calvinism is, ,or the emergent church you will find that these websites make you laugh for hours!

Now, if you go to these sites and don't understand a word of what it says and none of the "jokes" seem funny, YOU ARE NORMAL. But if you go to these sites and find yourself naming the names adn recognizing the pictures, then you are not normal (and your name is probably Sam, Kallie, or Rachel)

Have a great day!