Saturday, December 16, 2006

and just one gringa was left

I came to this country alone. I lived here alone for 6 months before I even saw gringa from home. But for the last 9 months I have shared my life with Ashlee, and Rachel and Danielle, and Nathan, and Rocky, and of course Courtney (what? forget you Courtz? never! Idiot!) But this week has beenthe week of goodbyes. I just said good bye to Nathan who is heading up to Peru for a while. Courtney came over and basially had a "lets drink pisco and talk about boys" night.. good stuff. And Ashlee left on Thursday. It's weird, but because Ashlee is coming back in a few months, i am not really upset. I mean, it was definitly weird to come back to the house and have my roommate Paula telling me that NOW I am going to have to speak Spanish. Bueno. It is just a vacation. I am leaving on friday, and when I get back from traveling with my mommy and Nigel, I have about amonth before the gringas return... this time both Ashlee and Danielle... YEAH!
Anyways, it was weirtd feeling to be alone. It wasn't as sad as I thought it would be, it was just quiet. This next week will be filled with so many activities that I am felling tired already... or many that was the staying up till 4am last night. Anyways, I should go... I will try to keep the blogs up during the next few weeks, but I am not sure I can with all the traveling.
Mucho cariƱo a todos!


Kimmen said...

hi again

nigel and i have been sending you email, but no replies. please reply! he sent you the reference number for your flight. did you get it? also, could you contact the hotel in santiago about changing our room to the regular king (not the more expensive king club), as long as the room is quiet? if the club room is quieter, we will keep it.

see you soon!

love, mom and nigel

Courtney said...


I'm calling you tomorrow. Because what's better than drinking pisco and talking about boys?

Colin Firth.

Keith Erickson said...

Find this one dude named Keith a job and he'll be down there. He's been talking about it forever... you should do it.

Rach said...

i second keith's comment.....Necesitas econtrar un trabajo para mi!! hmmm....OR puedes pagar para mi...hehe...hahahahaha....oye, vamos a viajar juntos no? SIIIIIIII! let's do it! Proxima verano mi amor!

Kimmen said...


I sent you some email with directions about getting to the plane in Buenos Aires. Please read the email! You know I have to be a Jewish mother about this, so I'm worried that something is going to go wrong and you'll miss the connection to Ushuaia. I'll have my cell phone with me, so if there's a problem, call me on my cell phone. If you don't reach me that way, call the cruise company and send email.

You've got a short period of time to get from the international airport where you arrive to the domestic airport (Aeroparque Jorge Newbery). Because of this, you risk missing the flight if you check baggage on the flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires.

You should NOT try to check baggage. just bring carry-ons. If you insist on checking baggage, try to get it checked through to Ushuaia. If they won't let you check it through, and the baggage goes missing, don't try to wait in Buenos Aires until it arrives. If you miss the plane to Ushuaia, it will cost a lot more to get you on a new plane then it would to replace the clothes you lost.

You have to get from one airport to the other, and a taxi will get you there mas rapido. So, take a taxi. if you don't get to ushuaia in time, you miss the cruise.

I hope nothing goes wrong!

Your Jewish mother