Monday, December 11, 2006

long time no type

So the last week has been one of many things. Some of the things have been good, some bad, many of them are just a part of life. On friday we (Ashlee and I) went to Viña to visit some friends. We stayed with our friend Silvia who lives in a sweet house on the hill in Viña. From her house you can see downtown Viña and the beach crowded with people. And it was at her house that we had an asado (BBQ) which consisted of meat, beer, diet coke, and more meat. There were about 10 of us there. Good times. At the end of the night we found ourselves sitting around the table with the last of the meat and beer, singing songs. Any song would do: Christmas songs, Elton John, Damien Rice, Backstreet boys, and of course Disney classics. The truth is, to see a group of 4 boys singing "A whole new world" was quite entertaining.
The next day Ashlee and I returned to Santiago and threw a goodbye party for Ashlee. It was an ice cream/dance party. Around 2am (which is early for Chilenos) the administration of our building knocked on our door to tell us that we were being too loud. Oops!
Sunday was a FULL day. Church in the morning (well, noon to be exact). Lunch at the home of some of our friends. Pinochet (see the blog from last week) died and Santiago turned into chaos. After lunch we went bowling with a bunch of kids from the youth group. Then, after hanging out in the mall food court, we went to another church service at another church. And then to another food court for dinner. Yep. A lot of church and alot of food courts. But it was in general a good day.
Sorry I haven't written more about Pinochet's death, but as much as it is a HUGE deal here, it hasn't seemed to affect my life personally. Maybe if I have time tomorrow I will post on it... but knowing how this week is looking, I think not.
Bueno, chau, chau, for now!


Kallie said...

So today I pulled out my phone and really wanted to call you. I still have your old number in my phone even though it's completely useless. I want to go to barbecues on the beach. I'm hoping to at least see the Pacific when I'm home. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I want to know which boys were singing "A Whole New World" :) Just yesterday I was pretending to be Ariel (you know, the mermaid...the little one), so I would've enjoyed that.
Of course Pinochet's death has been on the news here too, and I was wondering if that was affecting you at all, because I read that there's been some rioting and such. But good to know it hasn't. Sorry I missed your call the other day...were you just calling to chat or...? Love you, Danielle

beckalippy said...

I am so stoked for you to come out here... seriously, Im gonna invest in some adult diapers for when i pick you up from the airport!