Thursday, December 21, 2006


So here it is, the following few weeks:
Dec. 22nd- leave for BA and meet up with Mom and Nigel at the airport to fly to Ushuaia (the very tip of South America)
23rd till 27th- leave from Ushuaia on a cruise through Argentina and Chile, looking at glaciers and hopefully seeing some penguins :)
27th- land in Punta Arenas, hopefully see my friends Alister and Julie (a chilean couple who studies at the Centro de Estudios Pastorales)
27th-30th Mom and Nigel drop me off at Puerto Natales where I am staying at a really nice hotel on the lakeside that has a full spa (ouch, life is hard!)
30th- fly up to Santiago with Mom and Nigel, head out to Viña del Mar for the night
31st- go up to La Serena and experience NEW YEARS!!!!! woo hoo!
31st till 2nd- La Serena and Valle del Elqui
3rd till 6th- drive down to Horcón, a little hippy beach town that I am sure to fall in love with
7th- I come back to Santiago, but leave for Camp with my church, I will only be able to go the one day, but it is the last day of the camp so it will be good!
8th-11th- Mom and Nigel in Santiago with ME!!!!!
SO there you go folks.
Love you all.
May you have a blessed Christmas, remembering that Christ gave Himself up, became man and died for us.
And a joyful New Year, knowing that the past year is done, the lessons have been learned (hopefully!) and we can rest assured that God will continue to grow us and mold us into His image the next year. God Bless!!!


Kallie said...

Wow! That sounds A-mazing! I'm jealous! Still, life has been pretty luxurious since I got back, so I can't complain. Miss you!

Jon and Jamie said...

BECKA!! It been to long. Man would I love to be a bug in your ear, just watching a learning from all your crazy experiences. Jon and I have been on a crazy journey ourselves. God is good, even when your homeless and unemployed. Drop us a note!

The Fitchs

Anonymous said...

I think your holiday should be much more exciting than mine...but no complaints here. Hope you're having fun already! Oh, I celebrated the last night of Hannakah anoche with my Jewish friend and her fam. It was fun...I wish I was Jewish too. Oh well.
Love, Danielle

Brian Kay said...

Hello from San Luis! I hope you have a great cruise -- what an adventure. Willa just learned the penguin dance from the movie, Happy Feet, so think of her if you see any. We miss you here in SLO. I saw an earlier post from you about the tug toward seminary again. How about moving to NYC and going to Redeemer Presbyterian's "City Seminary" (attached to Westminster) and doing inner-city women's discipleship on the side? Just another idea to add to the hopper -- and hey, you'd get your Jewish fix as well. We're off to Baton Rouge to see Sally's family -- talk to you later!

Kallie said...

ignore brian and come to philadelphia. i admit this is totally selfish...though NYC would be better than Vancouver

Rach said...

I love you and miss you!!! Hope you're having a blast! I need to talk to you so come online again soon! OH, and I got skype, so add me as a contact...we can talk for free then! YAY! Te quiero mi amorcita!!! BESOS!