Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a little tired

So last night Courtney came over and we ordered pizza (go Chile for having Pizza hut on every other corner) and we watched the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice over pepperoni pizza and white wine (classy, aren't we?). But yeah, afer going to bed at like 3:30 and waking up to make some of my traditional fried rice breakfast, I am tired. but that still won't stop me from going to work, buying Christmas pressents, going with Courtney to get her lip pierced, and hopefully having a little mango sour celebration tonight for Jason who is finishing his PSU (like the SAT's)!
I have been hanging out with a new friend named Sebastian who I met a few weeks ago. It's funny we haven't known each other for long, but find each other really confortable and enjoy spending time together, so we do. In fact, I ahve spent more time with him in the last week than any of my other friends, combined. To make things interesting, he is a palestinian chileno. And I am the jewish gringa. These things make me smile.


Keith Erickson said...

Oh nice pride and prejudice! It's my favorite book!!!!(GIRLS: e-mail me at erickson.keith.d@gmail.com... jeje)

Rach said...

oh man, i'm so jealous....hmmm....maybe i can hop on a plane and make it to the celebration tonight. Hmmm....and perhaps another round of P&P? Go Collin!

ali said...

wine sounds great!!! I saw Pride and Prejudice with my 'former' Chilean Jewish sister - I gotta say, Keira is HOT, but that Mr. Darcy was about as passionate as a rock, or wet noodle, or something else not passionate.. Jane needs to put some spice into her male characters..

Miss you B!!!!!