Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I was given the job of cleaning out the craft closet and I thought it would be fun to color with the kids, so I did and the little ones were so excited to color that they ended up coloring the gazebo tiles! Anyways, here is Eton, Sasha and Leo with their pictures. Posted by Picasa

Annie and Seth- here is a current picture of Ricky for you. It took forever to get him to let me take this pic, so I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and byt the way I was cleanig out the pantry with John today and he brought out the picture you sent them of your wedding. You guys are so CUTE!!! I miss you and I am praying for you! Posted by Picasa

My room in Trinidad! A little messy, but some things never change, do they? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 28, 2005

the beach

Today was a special treat. The family across the street from the home, invited me to go to the beach with them today. So we piled a bunch of people in this van and headed off for Manzanilla beach which is on the eastern shore of Trinidad. Wow, when we got there I was taken aback at how absolutly beautiful it was. The beach stretched for miles along the coast and all the cars just found a place to park in the bushes and palm trees that lined the road. The water was incredibly warm, in fact it was almost too warm becuase after an hour or so, I had to get out and rest in the shade. I also got to eat my first coconut from off the ground. I found one and asked the family I was with if I could try it and they said yes. It was delicous! I got to have two! One of them we just ate the meat and the other one, I drank all the coconut water. Such a cool day!

Hanging out with los ninos in the gazebo Posted by Picasa

Little Leo and I  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

maybe a spider bite?

another little side note real fast, I think i may have been bitten by a spider, we will see if the bite mark gets bigger in the nect few days. Ther si not much I can do now anyways, but wait. Also, it is just wierd here becuase i have eaten almost nothing even though everything look so yummy. My stomach is just rejecting food, any food, maybe becasue of the heat? I have no clue, but all the women here are like thinking I am mad

Sarah H!

I walked away from the computer and thought to myself that I had forgotten something... and then I realized that I never said hi to you! How are you doing? How is the southwest treating you? I have been talking to the 18 yearold kid here because he is really into readin ghis bible but has never been taught really anything, so he literally just reads his bible by himself everymorning (how organic!) and anyways, I was telling him about some of the things that I have learned over this past year and I just realzed again how grateful I am to have gone to Trinity with such amazing people who loved studying the Word and wanted to share it with others. Anyways, I hope everything is well and you and Garret are totally in my prayers and I am excited to here what God is doing up there!

Dad and Rach and Kallie and Ashlee

Okay so I just now logged on after writing the last two posts and saw that you guys responded! Hi Dad! I am okay, nice and safe adn not married:) I thought you might appreciate that! Rach- I am going to have to send you some of the pics of these kids because they are too cute to handle! Seriously! Kallie!! Babe, wow, I wish you were here... but I guess I can settle for you moving to Chile with me.
And finally Ashlee... Your dad cracks me up. I hope your internship is going well and so is CPK. I am totally thinking of you as I am on these crazy adventures. In fact, my journal has notes for you in it. Like when I wrote right after Jason proposed, I titled "Ashlee, you've got to read this one" But yeah, I miss you like crazy!


If keith gets a chance to read this... I found a spider about the size of my bible. and you know how BIG my bible is. I did not believe that tarantuals grew this large, but oh yes they do and it was in MY ROOM!!!! yeah, lets just say that it is the grace of God that I am still living here! Actually one of the boys in the home killed it and took it out of the room for me. Thank GOD!!!!!! I hope you have having fun in any case and you are in my prayers!

Yeah, I finally get to blog

So hello my friends. i have missed you more than you can imagine, but life is good. I spent the first four days of my stay in trinidad on a beach, literally, and loved it. I met the most random person there. There was this guy named Nigel who smoked marijuana as he sat with me and watched the sun set. We discussed life philosophies and all that hippy stuff. Then there was this guy named Jason who was really sweet, and pretty cute, but he got all romantic on me so I broke the news that I am a virgin adn plan to stay one till I get married and that I will not even kiss anyone until I am in love with them. That did not stop him from "falling in love" with me and on my last night he practically begged for me to stay and live with him on the beach for the rest of my life and we could get married as soon as possible... ummm, yeah. So and now I am at the children's home. I love it here. It is really hard though because some of the kids are just naughty, but I love each of them so much adn want to see them come to really know Christ. I will have to write more later, but that is the deal so far.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the time has come

I will be leaving for dinner and then the airport in a few hours, so this will be my last post from the states. I just wanted to write that i am so excited to go. I really am. I don't have butterflies yet, and i am not sure if that is because I am not thinking about what I am about to do. hmm.... oh well. I don't feel like throwing up so maybe I will approach this the same way i did skydiving. Just jump. That might become my motto in life. Okay, I gotta go. The procrastinator in me from college has never graduated and I still have not finished packing. Adios mi familia y amigos.

Friday, August 12, 2005

for my mommy

This blog is especially for my mommy because I have been telling her about my blog site now for about a month and asking her to visit it so she knows how to keep in touch with me. Well, she has way too much wax in her ears because tonight at dinner, she pleaded that I set up a blog so she can keep in touch with me. I wanted to laugh, but instead politly reminded her that I already have one... Mommy when you read this please respond so I know... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

third time is a charm

I am listening to Damien Rice right now. Does anyone ever feel like you have spoken all these words for so long, but not said anything at all? I feel like I just need to write. I just need to get it out onto paper, or the screen whatever, becasue after a whole week of not saying anything, I just want to say nothing. I spent 9 hours by myself today just cleaning my cabin. It was major. I wanted to clear my head. I still do. I am not sure that I can. There is too much. I should probably stop typing now becasue I have a feeling like when I read this in the morning, I am going to regret it. :) Hahahaha, oh well.

Ode to Garret

So back when I was in college, oh how quickly the weeks fly by... anyways, one day in class I was taking through the church, Garret Hamner said something that hit me wierd, but I took it in and recently have been thinking about it. We were talking about the body of Christ, i think, and he said that we should celebrate the fact that we are sinners. Not just that we should accept it and know it. But we should rejoice and celebrate the fact that we are sinners. I think I am not mature enough to understand that comment just yet, but today I was really frustrated about this whole week and I was just feeling the pressure of sin. And that comment came into my head, and God just gave me a peace that I am starting to understand the meaning of rejoicing my fallenness and the fact that i am so desperatly lost on my own. Anyways, if Brian or Garret reads this, know that God is still to this day using every word I soaked up from your classes. Thanks boys!

a hard day

I am not even sure why I am writing this- except I need to get it out of my head and I don't have my journal handy. I am really really tired. THis last week was very hard on me both emotionally and spiritually. It is one of those things where it hurts because God is breaking me but it feels good to know that God is being active in my heart. I had a cabin this past week of very special girls. Most of them had never been told that they were worth love, only that they were worth hate. At first I just yelled and gave attitude right back to them, but by the third morning I broke down crying. I couldn't do it anymore. I was fighting a battle and losing badly. I am not sure if all that time yelling was what did the trick, but the girls began to respect me. I decided that I wasn't going to yell. I wanted so badly to show these girls the love of Christ. I felt so powerless though because I kept letting pride and selfishness get in the way. Anyways, I was definitly challenged this week.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

almost over

I can't believe camp is almost over. It has gone by so quickly, and yet it has taken forever and a day to get through it all. My campers have been... interesting. that is an understatement, but whatever. I have had some amazing campers, during music camp. Those girls just blessed me. I felt like I was hanging out with friends more than campers. One of the campers was 18 and the others were 15. I loved it and I hope I get to stay in touch with those girls. I still have issues with alter calls because I see so many children go to the front without any look of understanding on their face. who knows, God might use it. But I tired of following up with the girls after chapel and askig them if they made a commitment to God and them giving me this blank look on their face as if they have never heard that phrase before. I try to tell them about Jesus and how He died and if we trust that His blood will cover our sins, then we don't have to pay for those sins but we can spend eternity with God in a right relationship with Him. I don't know if any of it gets through. Who knows.
Anyways, I am sorry that I haven't called ya'all yet. I don't really get reception at camp. But I will try as soon as I can to make the round of phone calls. And Kallie and Annie you two are first on my list!!!! I love you all and I am missing you. Please Kallie, keep reading these and keep me updated on what you are up to. Adios mi amigos!