Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I swear I am not doing this on purpose

So I made plans last night to hang out with Courtney and some other friends. It turned out to be us girls, Timo, Jason, Sam, and a guy who I have been waiting to meet for the last 6 months named Rick. I have heard so much about this guy who was Sam's rebellious partner in crime when they were 12, who loves to debate theology and church ideologies, and yet holds very different views than our little group of friends, who lived in the Amazon for 6 months, who is to Sam what Rachel is to me. Good stuff. And with all the things I have heard about him for the last 6 months, I was still not dissapointed. He was a really sweet guy who stepped easily into our group, able to converse with whomever he pleases about a variety of conversations. The problem is that I told the boys that I needed to leave by 11 since I had to leave the house at 7:30 this morning and I had a full day ahead of me. So tell me why I checked my watch at 12:30 and realized that it was WAY past my bed time, and although I tried to go home, other things kept happening and I didn't get home until 2:30! To tell you the truth, I feel like it is the end of high school though. At the end of high school there is so much going on that you just get worn out, but you know that your chance to live those moments are few before they are all gone. So you do it. You do stùpid things like stay up late and then have to get up early the next morning.
Today was the graduation celebration of the little kids in Reñca. We took all of them and their siblings to a christmas fair. Basically: roller coasters and other little rides, hot dogs, balloons, face painting, and of course a show. The kids were SOOOOO happy. Seriously, it made my day just to watch them giggling and screaming, and running around and around. What a beautiful thing to make a kid laugh. And these children who have SO little, to give them a day of pure fun... wow!
Now I am back at CEP trying to do all the crazy last minute things before I go to CEP's graduation ceremony. And then, maybe out to dinner with Seba... it's going to be quite a day once I am done with it!

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