Thursday, April 08, 2010

A trip to the "country"

Some Korean children on a field trip to the fortress

Sunyoung and I on the bus to the fortress

A reconstruction of the architecture from back in the day

I just liked this sign, it's kinda funny

These guys were getting ready for a festival and I being the awesome white tourist pulled out my camera and took some photos

"Harmonious City, Happy Suwon" -yeah, ok

Hey friends,

sorry for the delay in posting. I realize that after a post like my previous one, I need to be more prompt in posting so you all know that I am not still sitting in my room crying. No, Monday was better. Tuesday was even better. I am learning to say no to social activities. To leave room in my life for time alone. I know, not really consistent with my extroverted personality. But that's what I need right now. So I am still pursuing relationships, but trying not to overload my schedule. Speaking of, I made a new friend named Betsy. She is basically awesome. She was raised in San Luis Obispo and I dont know if it is the central coast connection, but she is so easy to talk to. I'll post more about her at some later point, but for now I want to share some photos from my time in the countryside with Sunyoung


Sunyoung at lunch. As you might notice, we're sitting on the floor. In Korea, the heating system is done through the floor, so traditionally people sleep, eat, and just in general hang out on the floor.

My favorite Korean food is called Dalk Galbi. It means chicken bbq. Its SOOO yummy. So Sunyoung as an awesome guide did research to find

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Diana said...

On average, what is a the airfare from SF to Korea...I am back in SF and I am so tempted to just fly over to Korea to visit you!!!