Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"You're sick? You need..."

Yep, that's right. I'm sick again. I basically will get anything that goes around so when a few of my friends got a virus, I knew it was only a matter of time. Friday evening it happened upon me. I pulled my blanket over to the couch and made myself comfortable. Sleeping on the couch is one of my FAVORITE things. I recently mentioned my love for napping on the couch. But I reserve overnight sleeping on the couch for when I am sick. I turn the tv on and let it keep me company as I doze through the night. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday on my couch. The truth was that I couldnt do anything else. The virus wasn't too bad, I felt feverish but had no temperature. I had the aches and pains of a fever, but not the chills. Really, the worst part of the virus was that it completely wiped me of any energy. Even making it the 5 steps to my kitchen area to refill my tea was exhausting. Monday night I made it to work and though it was beyond tiring, I was able to rest a bit before our leadership training meeting for church Monday night. At the meeting one of my friends told me that I should be drinking coke if I am sick. He was dead serious. The rest of the chileans laughed about it, but it seemed like they didn't really disagree. Now, this is coming from a culture where they literally put coke in their infants' bottles. I am not joking. I tried to explain that the sugar in coke isn't good for you when you are trying to fight off a virus. They jokingly answered that diet coke would solve that problem. But that's not all. I went to work today and was sharing with one of my students that I am sick. He also offered his counsel on what would help. Beer. Yep. He said that I should drink beer with lemon. I asked him how it would possibly help me to drink beer and he answered that it would put me to sleep. Yeah, I'm exhausted as it is, I don't need any help in that deptartment. So I think I'll stick with my tea. At least for now.


Danielle said...

I remember I got freakishly sick for several days in Chile. When I was well enough to make it to the doctor, Timo escorted me and we swung by a mini mart so he could buy me a coke! I refused, but said I'd take a 7UP...somehow that was okay because it's what my gringo mother gave me as a kid when I was sick and needing fluids :)

Danielle said...

By the way, I hope you feel better soon. All that smog can't be helping!

beckalippy said...

LOL! Yeah, I'll admit that maybe just maybe if you have a stomach issue, that the coke might help, just like a 7up would help. But I have no stomach issue, Im just feverish and have my head all congested. So no, coke would NOT help! and yeah, as for the smog, its horrible because there is no fresh air to be had in this city! That and, my neighbors like to smoke a lot of weed and the smell drifts into my apt