Tuesday, November 29, 2005

how much He loves me

I was praying this morning as I was waiting for the bus and I was half way joking when I asked God if tody he could show me how much He loves me. The second I said it though, I realized how much I was serious. So I smiled and thanked Him that today would be an amazing day because I was going to know today how much He loves me. I got on a micro (bus) and sat down in a seat (which a seat in and of itself is a blessing here in the city). I soon heard a friendly voice behind me say goodmorning. I turned around and saw one of the men from California I had had lunch with on sunday. I asked him where he was going and he said that he was going to a men's bible study. We chatted a little and parted at the bus stop. What a great way to start my day, talking with a friendly face. And for lunch i am going to meet up with the woman from Nebraska that I met at Thanksgiving. AND then for dinner I am hanging out with the multi denominational bible study.

a quick little note about the buses in Santiago. They are fairly nice if you catch one at a good time. And basically, there is not schedule so you just go to the bus stop when you want a bus and wait for the next one. It might come in one inute, itmight come in 25 minutes. You just wait. It is fine if you re going at a non rush hour time, but if you happen to need a bus during the 3 hour rushes int he morning and afternoon, you will be met with an already full bus. This doesn't mean that you won't try to get on it. That was my experience yesterday. When i got on the bus to go home after class, I found that not only were all of the seats taken, but the majority of the standing room was gone also. So I was standing near teh front door, holdong onto a little piece of metal that was supposed to support me as the bus swerved throught eh busy streets of Santiago. Not that this was the end of the story either, because at every stop more people got on the bus and soon we were worse than a can of sanrdines. Literally I could feel everyside of me touching someone else. I was holding onto a piece of metal on a chair in front of me. but the guy behind me had to support himself with the bar above his head, so everytime the bus went around a turn, he fell into me, and I inturn fell into the lap of the woman sitting n teh seat in front of me. The amount of people on that bus would just not be legal in the states, but I guess that is why it is in Chile and not up there. Anyways, i waited anxioulsy for my stop and said a huge "gracia!" to the bus driver when finally got off the bus.

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