Monday, November 21, 2005

Two of my favorite people in the world

One- my GRANDMA!!! I absolutly love my grandma, and I feel so blessed that especially the past five years or so, I have really gotten to know her. I just received an email from my grandma who has for the first time in her life set up an email account! So welcome grandma to my blog. I hope this gives you a little insight to my life here in Chile, and I promise you it is SO SAFE!

Two- ASHLEEEEEE!!!!!! Okay, out of all the people in the world, the person I love to travel with teh most and in all honesty have travelled with the most outside of my family is my buddy Ashlee. A few summers ago when i was having a hard time in teh heats of Wisconsin I photocopied my journal adn mailed them to her. She commented on them and mailed them back. So we have decided to continue the tradition and a month ago I sent her my journal. Today, I received in the mail not only my jounral returned with comments from her, but TONS of goodies, including: reeses peanut butter cups, candy necklaces, cds that I requested, HER journal, tons of other candy, cookies, and most importantly a book called "Irresistable You- Attracting and Capturing an Outstanding Man". Thanks Ash! All the students in my class were so jealous of me! I have only started to read you journal, but I can tell you now that reading it is making me miss you so much.

Note: if there is anyone else who would like to send a care package...hehehe

Becka Lipkowitz (yes mom, you HAVE to write Becka and not Shira)
TEFL program
Bridge Linguatec
Los Leones 439
Provedencia Santiago CHILE

And a special request has been made for any candy bars that include peanut butter. For example: butterfinger, reeses anything, etc.

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