Monday, November 14, 2005

I am a obsessive, crazed fan!

So I am in Snatiago now and I am living with the family that the school set me up with. They are nice and the apartment we live in is in the best part of Santiago, fairly safe, etc. So, a little background- I have become obsessed with one of the telenovelas (a Chilean version of a sitcom or soap opera). It is called Gatas y Tuercas and I LOVE IT. I have learned alot of spanish from it too, so really I just watch it for educational purposes. In reality, it is Chilean and takes place in Santiago and I really have learned SO mcuh about the culture from it. So after I settled into my room last night, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. As I was walking down the street, I saw her. The actriz who plays my favorite character on the programa was walking her dog down the street. Okay, being from California, everyone asks me if I know famous people. And I have to explain to people that it is not THAT common to run into famous people in the streets in little San Luis Obispo Ca. But this moment, this was big! I wanted to talk to her, but I knew that I was too excited to speak Spanish and I doubted she wanted some crazed gringa talking to her in English. So for now, I will just watch her walk her dog down my street, sounds kinda like a stalker, huh?
My host family is really impressed with my spanish and keep commenting on how wel I speak it. It looks like it will be a really good month because this family is not only nice and muy simpatico como la mayoria de chilenos, pero comen muy bueno. They eat alot of veggies and fruit and not much meat. It is still more meat than I am used to, but for Chileans, they eat practically no meat. So I am excited.


marisa said...

hahaha ... fantastic. they like meat, eh? scott and i should check chile out!

my e-mail is and i'll tell you all you want to know about denver and married life. in a nut shell, though - it's all great!

Emerald said...

holey moley, you saw a novela star! suhhhhwheet! dont worry becka, one day she'll be stalking you trying to get the autograph of the next mother theresa incarnate, (cough cough Becka...what? who said that..?

Anonymous said...

i think you should approach her and tell her you're a fan from california. she probably doesn't get so many of those, and might even be a bit thrilled.

ask for her autograph!

what's her name?

su mama