Thursday, November 17, 2005

an update from the classroom

I taught my first practice class for my trainers and peers today and loved it. I had such a great time because the technique we use to teach is like a puzzle game. When the time came for feedback the major comment from the group, including my trainer was that I use my voice and speech very well, One guy even commented that I am like a kindergarten teacher, but in a good way... hehehe, I guess that is not the first time I have heard that. Tomorrow is my first REAL practice teaching with real language students. I am excited.
At lunch I got into a great discussion with two of the guys in my group about globalization and other interesting world topics. It was nice to have an intellectual conversation and disagree, and yet be okay with that. Alot of the people in my group with me are very open to talking about life and philosophy and God. It is an interesting group and I am stoked to spend a month with them.
Chao for now...


Anonymous said...

hi sweetie

i'm in indianapolis, giving a lecture tomorrow about my research... no tornados, yet! it's 19F! Cold!

teaching is one of the hardest things to do well. sometimes it's great, and you can see people light up and get excited. sometimes it's just a lot of hard work. i believe you'll be great at it.

i look forward to hearing more stories!

have fun!


Aquafina said...

hey hey!

Becka the teacher, hey it makes sense to me. my my, puzzles, brining the whole "learn by doing" cal poly mantra with ya? so..this matt character, that would be quite hillarious if you go all the way to santiago and end up with someone from north carolina, my my does God have a sense of humor or what? noahs bagels...yum,well just be yourself, your energetic, i love teaching people to learn self, and yeah, it'll rub off on them. how are the fashions there? the fashions in the states...we have seen better days, "DEATH TO SHRUGS AND BOOTY CLEAVAGE!!!!" well i hope your day is as incredible as you, much love,