Thursday, November 10, 2005

¡Vive Argentina!

Wow, I found a reason to stay in Argentina. I fell in love with this town within the first minutes being here. It has a spirit that reminds me alot of New York City, but is much cheaper. In fact, it is SO cheap here that Chilean come here to shop. For example, a sweater that would be $40 in the States, and the same in Chile, is only about 8 dollars here. Or breakfast this morning, which was amazing, was only $1.25! So I am going to go shopping, yeah. Teh streets are lined with small boutiques and sidewalk cafes (with real espresso!) And the people here are dressed like NYC. So fashionable and chic. The streets are fairly clean and the trees that line the raods offer shade as you amble your way down the busy sidewalk.
At the hostel I am at, there are a bunch of women. One woman from California is there with her 8 year old daughter. They are learning Spanish. They first went to Chile, but didn´t like it and decided to come to Argentina. They say the people here are more content and happy with life than Chileans. They have been here in South America for 2 weeks. Another woman is from Israel, but she now owns hostels in Chile and Argentina, and she says that Chileans have bigger hearts and are much nicer than Argentinians. In her opinion, Argentinians are too obsessed with money. It is interesting that the two opinions are SO opposite. A funny note: the Isreali claims that Argentina and Chile are more dangerous than Israel because in most of Israel (anything outside of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem) the streets are generally safe, and here while there are no car bombs and suicide bombers, there is street crime.
Another woman in the hostel is from souther Chile adn last night she just started talking to me. She is here for some liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a boob job. Yes, even the boob jobs are cheaper here! Anyways, she invited me to go out with her tonight since we are both sola. So I guess we will go see the night life tonight. All of this is just so wierd to me. But I am loving it.

The only bad part of all of this is that my body is SO SORE from the horsebackriding and mountain climbing that I can´t walk very well. I think I will take advantage of the cheap economy and find a place where I can get a massage!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great town. What's the name of it? I recall you said the TEFL certification program can place you in Buenos Aires -- that could be a lot of fun. Have you heard back about the position in La Serena?


beckalippy said...

after alot of thought, I think i want to stay in Chile... but that is a long conversation. The name of the town is Mendoza. and the school won´t know if they can hire me until decemeber.
By the way, VV found me on and sent me a message, this world jsut seems to get smaller adn smaller by the day!
i love you.