Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Travel plans

I told a few of you that I would be heading to a small surf town called Pichilemu, but I have changed plans. I am actually going to go to Argentina instead. I need to renew my tourist card so I can either pay $100 at an office in Santiago, or I can just cross the border again. Yeah. In all honesty I am not in the mood for a HUGE adventure, so this probably be low key, but I am planning on returning to Viña for a few days to visit Marcela and Flo again before I have to be in Santiago. This is on purpose because Flo is having her first communion on Sunday. I just love that kid!
I just got back from a horseback ride that lasted about 4 hours and was just beautiful, but I forgot how much four hours on a horse kills your butt! My horse was named Frutilla (Strawberry) and was the sweetest thing ever. The tour consisted of another gringo from Florida who is just spending a week vacation here and spoke NO spanish, and my guide who is a 15 year old local who spoke very little english. So I translated. I loved it and I realized that somehow my spanish has again improved. I am not sure how since I didnt speak it for the last week or so. ¡Pero estoy bien! The ride was beautiful and when we reached a certain spot the guide showed us the begining of a trail and stayed with the horses as we gringos hiked. The first part was down the hill. I could hear the waterfall, so I had motivation, pero there were times when it felt more like mountain climbing than hiking. The trail was so steep and literall at points I was just hanging on to a root above me as I tried to find a place to stand. It was crazy. But the waterfall was beatiful and I will be posting pictures soon. it reminded me of the waterfall in Hawaii that my mom and I went to. The hike up, I serioulsy thought I might throw up. For a few reasons, I thought this. But I was embarrassed to do that in front of older gringo, so I fought against it. It was like climbing a wall! B ut it was great, and both of the guys on the tour were great! I am sore, but happy. And now me voy a dormir en un bus por Santiago y despues a Argentina. 17 hours mas o menos en total. Que loca!

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