Monday, October 24, 2005

Some random thoughts

Last night I was flipping through the tv channels and I noticed that Passion of Christ was playing. i tried to watch it, but I couldn´t. I apologized to Christ that I was so weak that I couldn´t even watch a film about His pain and I changed the channel. I came upon another movie, the Stigma. Very interesting film. Although it is not really Biblical, and in fact it paints a somewhat scary picture of God, it also paints a beautiful picture of Christ. There is one point in which the main detective priest goes to talk to an ex priest about what was happening. They meet in a church and the ex priest asks the detective priest, "look around, what do you see?"
The detective priest answers that he sees a church. The ex priest stands up and waves his arms around and replies that it is not a church, for the Church of Christ is much larger. And there is no need for a building in a relationship with Christ. The ex priest turns his face upwards and loudly proclaims, " I love Jesus!"
It is a beautiful moment.

I did go to church yesterday and the sunday school class i went to was on a passage in Jeremiah 31. IT was about the Nuevo Pacto and the Antiguo Pacto. Very interesting stuff. IT made me wonder though how teh teacher felt about dispensationalism and biblical theology. I want to ask him if he understands english, which i doubt he does, because I think he would love Goldsworthy´s book on biblical theology. Ahh... I miss Trinity Church. There was one point when he said something along the lines of circumsion was the sign of the Old pact and communion is the sign of the new. It is possible that I misunderstood him, but I am pretty sure that he said that I would LOVE to discuss that with him. I disagree with him. I think that circumsion of the skin was the sign of the old and circumsion of the heart is the sign of the new. The last supper was a rememberance thing, and I don´t think the literal eating of the bread and drinking of the wine is necessary for salvation. I don´t know if he, the teacher would say it is, but I think in any case it would be a very intersting discussion. Ahhhh....

I had a dream last night that I was going to go live on the moon with two other girls and I was a bit worried because I had not recieved the paper about what I needed to bring with me to live there.

My house is empty now. Well, there are only five people living there, which is really empty. But really nice.

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