Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am safe and sound

Okay, I am sorry if i scared you guys yesterday with the whole knife thing, but I have to admit that I was a little scared too. But I am safe. The bus bus late, true Chilean style, and then we waited at a terminal for nothing it seemed like, for a good hour. SO I got home a little after 2 in the morning. The whole bus ride was a test of patience. Everyone was asleep, but me. And then my batteries for my discman ran out, and I sat there in the dark in silence for about 3 hours listening to other people snore. But once I was in my bed, MY bed, I slept like a baby. It was great. When I got out of the cab, I heard a guys voice behind me, which at two in the morning on the street, you do NOT want to hear. But I turned around to see Felipe coming home. I nearly jumped on the poor guy I was so happy to see him! So we went inside and I immediatly went for the arms of my host mom. We hugged, adn I mean really hugged, and then she noticed the sunburn and was upset that I didn´t wear sunscreen out there. I was home. I don´t know how that became my home so fast, only a month and a half with this family, but they are, they are mi familia.

Another REALLY cool note. I officially got the word that my roomies from Cali are coming to visit me and I am dying to see them. I miss them so much and I am in dire need of a good theological conversation with one of them. They have their tickets for the end of febuary, so the countdown begins. Gosh I am stoked!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mooki

I'm very glad you're back in La Serena safe and sound. But let me give you a little jewish-mother grief about getting sunburned. One of the professors in my department just had to have part of his nose cut out and then have cosmetic surgery to reconstruct his nose because of a skin cancer. This wasn't even melanoma, which can kill you. Lesser kinds of skin cancers -- which are easier to catch -- just disfigure you. Now I know you really like your pretty little nose. So perhaps you'd like to keep it?



beckalippy said...

Mom, what would I do without my family nose, no one would know that I am a part of our family!

Anonymous said...

you might want to leave the name of the hostel where you sayed in valparaiso, since you liked it so much. you probably want to keep that hostel in business for your next trip there!