Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years

This will have to be really short since we are running out the door to Valle de Elqui right now, but I wanted to wish all of you a very big HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!
2006 is done and we get a fresh start with 2007... woo hoo!
God bless!

PS- I promise once I am back and everything is normal, I will post for real, with fotos and all.


ali said...

Happy New Year Beck, Love ya!!

Kallie said...

I hope your having a blast! I kept thinking of you when I was in Lafayette. When you're back we're DEFINITELY in need of a long chat. lemme know!

ali said...

Becka get back to Providencia already, will ya?!? I miss your insightful bloggings :) Hope you are havin a great great time, love ya!!

Anonymous said...

hi shira

we are in santa cruz and having a great time. hope you made it back to santiago!

two people from the boat (swiss) are staying here also. we are having dinner with them tonight.


mom and nigel

Anonymous said...

I keep checking to see if you put up your official trip post with I'm not really stalking you (just a little bit). Today I got to talk to you...and I got to eat Woodstocks and hang out in SLO with Ashlee, so overall it was a good day. Talk to you later. Love, Danielle