Monday, January 15, 2007

material girl

Seba (a new friend I have been spending a ton of time with) asked me the other day what my favorite color is. He likes to psychoanalyze people and I like to have people psychoanalyze me, so it workds out pretty well. So he asked about my favorite color and I couldn't give hima straight answer. I said, when i am felling girly I like pink, when i am feeling hippy I like green (or when I think of Rachie), when I am feeling poetic I like deep blues and purples, and I love the brown in my eyes, I also admit that yellow and orange are my favorite when it is fall and the leaves are those colors. But then again, there is always red and white which make me feel hyper. So basically, I couldn't asnwer that question. And then he asked if I liked grey, and I thought about it... no. He told me that grey is the neutral color and basically I have just shown that I am not neutral in ANYTHING. That is probably one of the best psycholanalysis' I have ever had done on me.
So then today I went shopping. I have been in a fairly anti-materialistic mood recently, getting mad at peoples' obsessions with money, and making fun of how concerned we are with fitting into our cultures image of what is cool. But after my boss showed my schedule for this next year and told me that I need to dress professionally... humf, I guess that means shopping (I am not really THAT upset). So i went shopping today after my class and found some really good sales with some clothes that are professional, and yet still ahve some personality to them. And then I found this dress. I don't even know why I tried it on. It isn't anything I can wear to work, and I don't usually wear dresses just for fun, but I tried it on anyways and sat in the dressing room, not wanting to take it off. It is a light green emperor cut, and yet greek style dress... just nice enough for a date (cuz I go on SO many of those!), and yet almost hippy in its simplicity. So I was thinking, how can I spout off all this disdain for materialism and then find so much pleasure in a dress. And I think the balance comes in finding what makes you happy, ,what makes you feel good, what makes you feel pretty, and then enoying those things, but not getting so caught up in them that you have to buy your happiness. Finding pleasure in walking down the sidewalk that is lined with trees, in little babies laughter, in an eldery couple holding hands as they sit on a park bench... and in dresses that make you feel like a princess. So there you go.
I ended up buying the dress (it was on sale for $15) and although I know I won't wear it too often, I really really like it. So yeah. It's something my mom calls shopping therapy.


nate said...

hey there, cuz!

Anonymous said...

Oh empire cut dresses always make me happy too! Cant wait to see it on you. Which will be soon, yay.
Love you, Danielle

Anonymous said...

And I'm totally with you on that balance thing too...not loving material things more than people, God, etc. but realizing things aren't bad and being able to enjoy them and really get excited about them even...I do think moderation is the key in alot of things in life.