Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jews, Charismatic Gifts, and Ice Cream

My friend Sam sent out an email yesterday to a group of his friends proposing a get together before everyone leaves for summer vacations in February. One our friends suggested a dessert night. So last night we all got together in one of the homes and gathered around a table covered in ice cream, brownies, rice krispie treats, mms, and pie. I felt like a little kid. We all passed the different platters around as if they were normal dinner dishes. Like a 4 year olds.
There were about 10 of us and we sat around eating sweets and talking. One of the guys there, Esteban, was particularly interesting to me. I met him months ago but I have never really talked to him. I went to his church on sunday and heard that he was interested in Jews, or at least had a bunch of Jewish friends. There aren't too many Jews down here so to hear this surprised me. Last night I found out that he actually knows quite a bit about Jewish life and culture. Our conversation also covered my other favorite issues of charasmatic church and the appropriate use of Spiritual gifts within a church body. Needless to say, I highly enjoyed the night. It is mind blowing to me that just over a year ago, I didn't know any christians and I was wondering how I was going to survive in this country without a church family. God is good. He does provide.

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