Friday, February 02, 2007

Welcome to my new apartment

Last night was my first night in the new apartment. I wasn't sure if I would sleep there or not since all my things wouldn't be moved in until sunday but... I was having lunch with two friends Sam and Ricky. We decided to try out the gyro place that is right around the corner from my new place. After lunch, we went back to the apartment and ended up sitting around discussing various threads of social theology. We realized it was getting late, so we left my new apartment and went to my old apartment. Hard core, I know. While we were there, two more friends called. Timo and Pablo wanted to know if we wanted to watch a movie. (I think they probably just wanted to hang out with Sam and Ricky, you know, a guys night, but I got to be the token female.) So we all went back to my new apartment and settled ourselves in front of a chicken and french fries dinner, complete with a Piscola (like a rum and coke). Que Chileno! Unfortunatly, the DVD player had some problems so we just watched some TV. At the end of the night, the boys left me to stay in my apartment all alone. I watched a little more chilean TV and went to bed. The house is very comfortable. It isn't obstrusive or haunting in any way. Just comfortable.


ali said...

Post some pics!!!!!

And of course, glad you finally ditched the pato malo, F-y wol...

Couldn't resist :)

Kimmen said...

nigel and i were wondering how your new night(s) went! write some more!

i know you're going to be very happy there. don't forget to bring cookies to the police across the street.

tonight there were three adolescent deer playing on the hillside behind the house, running after each other. and then three wild turkeys joined them. it was really cool watching them from aviva's room.

btw, aviva got accepted to the fall semester in brazil... so next fall i'll have both my daughters in south america! at least my darling son hasn't abandoned me ;-)

love, mom

ali said...

Hi Becka's mom-

How do you know the deer were adolescent?? (I may just be an ignoramus, but I am just curious, for future reference)-

Becka, pls post some happy pics of the new place!!!!!!

ali :)

Kimmen said...

Hi Ali,
My statement was based on their size:
these deer were smaller than those that are full-grown, and larger than fawns. they were also playing with each other in a way most adult deer don't. we see lots of deer around here. it's nice until they eat up the plants in your garden...

technically, adolescent probably refers to a particular period in sexual maturation, so it might not be correct for me to refer to them as adolescent. they might have been the equivalent of human 10-year-olds. not quite grown, but almost there.


ali said...

Thanks K!!

Rach said...

Holaaaa! You need to read Waking the Dead by Eldredge....well, maybe you already have, but if not, READ IT. It covers a lot of the stuff you and I have been talking about. It's fantastic. Te quiero mi beckacita....necesitamos hablar por skype porque tengo MUCHAS cosas que te necesito contar. besitos!