Tuesday, February 06, 2007


As some of you know, I tend to be fairly social. (Is that an understatement?) But because I am so social I also tend to have to compartimentalize my friends. I have friends from church, from work, from California, from childhood. Friends that I go to coffee with, friends that I go out to the bars with, friends that I see in church. I think you get the point. We all do this to some extent and I try, really try, to mix my friends. But every once in a while, I have a friend that no one really knows about. Not that I am trying to hide them, or I am embarrassed of my friendship with them, but just that no one knows them, and really knows of them. Alex is one of those. I met Alex 6 months ago at the Christian bookstore, he works there, in the Theology section. He is a student at the Baptist seminary here in Santiago and we hit it off right away. We compared not just theologians, but the different Christian publishing companies here in Latin America and which ones offer better translations, something only complete nerds would find interesting. The Christian bookstore is next to the office of a student of mine, so every week after class I would head over to browse the theology books and talk to my new buddy. Then I started bumping into Alex outside of theology. I saw him on the Metro, and on the street. And last night as I was on my jog around my new neighborhood, I ran, literally, into him again. It turns out that he lives in the on-campus apartments of the Baptist seminary, which is one block from my new apartment. I think it is time for him to come over for onces (tea time), and maybe, just a little maybe, he won't have to be quite so compartimentalized.

Rachel, Kallie, Ashlee, Danielle, and Chubs- do NOT read more into this blog than I wrote, I am not writing in morse code here. :)

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