Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day.
Usually I spend the month before this day, trying to figure out a way to secure a date, and it NEVER happens. And then I usually console myself by having my girlfriends be my valentine. But deep down I always feel depressed that another year passed without finding that special someone. Well, a few weeks ago God did some crazy things in my heart and showed me how I wasn't trusting Him. And after many tears and some long conversations with Rachie, I finally surrendered my heart to Him. I literally felt like I took my heart and placed it in His hands and said, "do with it as You please, for it is Yours". And since then I have felt so fine, more than fine, I have felt really content with where God has me, a single girl. Don't get me wrong, I still desire to get married someday, but really for right now, God has my heart and that is all that matters. And today is the big test. Can I go through Valentines Day without grabbing my heart back from the Lord and feeling all sad? So far, the Lord has been faithful to keep me secure in His love.
Girls, if you are single.. examine your hearts today. Have you really placed your heart in His hands allowing Him to guide it? Take it from me, the peace He gives is SO much better than the pity party the world will give us.


ali said...

Cmon Beck, don't be a wus and grab your heart back!! I have managed to be Valentine-less since 1996 (yes, 1995 was the only time I had a bf on Valentine's day).. some how, all the other cats managed to either have dumped me or been on a 'break' before this festive day arrived! (unless you count my dad) don't see me moping!!!

Incidentally, in case you feel like a tragic story.. I received a heart pendant from that bf in 1995... that was back in 8th school days.. I remember, I loved that necklace.. then a few months later, during Lent, I ate a McDonalds hamburger on a Friday night..A few hours later I realized I had lost the pendant, and thought I was basically doomed for life, as a result of my transgression!!!

I don't even eat McDonalds hamburgers anymore..

And, how could I forget, that was also when i got my first kiss!! Yea, what an award-wimming V-Day in the life of little alison :)

There really is no moral to the story.. (guess I just felt liek tellin one)

Just be happy you are Becka!!! Bc there are not many like you, and u def have one of the best hearts of anyone I that's a little Valentines significance for ya!


beckalippy said...

Ali! I absolutly adore you! I don't know why you haven't written me one of those extremely personal emails yet... but this blog comment will make up for it! I'm sorry that God punished you for eating McD´s... :)I heard they're bringing Wendys to Chile, wow huh? Okay, love you muchisimo!!!

Rach said...

Yet another reason why we shouldn't eat at McDonalds. Ali and Becka...two of my favorite peeps. I love you both so much (ali, i'm writing this to you on becka's blog because I know you'll read it too :-)) I miss your scratchies, especially today mi perrita and becka I miss your beautiful tears and laying in my bed while telling me about some dream you had of arranged marriages. ;-) Hey, now that I'm a head hunter, as soon as the Lord decides it's time to give you to a man, you should let me find him...I'll prescreen them beforehand. ;-) I love you!!!!!

ali said...

I love you both!!!! Yes, Becka, you haven't gotten an extremely personal email yet, because nothing personal has been going on! (unfortunately).. I am a paper-pusher these days, and I haven't had much time for Ali.. all I have been writing about has been my eating habits, daily change of life plans, and teh sillyness that goes on in my mind (and with your big (huge)life plans as of late, I don't want to bother you with my fickle-ness and crazy-talk..but if you want, I can send you some inner-ali insanity)..

And Rachie-poo!!!! I miss your scratchies muchissimo tambien!!! and I always think of you when I have wine!!! :) miss that with ya too!!!! But at least I am kinda getting back into the Spanish mode as you know ;) I need to keep the brain from shrinking and forgetting the espaƱol!!!

Love you both, Happy V-day!!!!!!!!!!!

beckalippy said...

Ali, of course I want to hear about the innerperosnal insanity of Alison! The biglife plans get so boring, I want to hear about p---! Yep, thats what I want to hear about. uh huh. ;)

Kallie said...

I talked to my dad today for a long time with no agenda, or figuring out of any business. I don't know if that's ever happened before and it was good. I think that makes this a pretty noteworthy Valentine's Day. As if getting out of class to play in the snow AND talking to you didn't make it great already.