Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ode to my Rachie

Dear Rachie,

It's your birthday today, and I know how much you love poetry, and you know how much I suck at poetry, but here goes my try at a poem for you. Happy Birthday.

Sister of my spirit,
Only three years have passed since we began
this friendship of laughter and tears
We share Charlie and Toz, Don and Shane,
Anne and Brian, I love it when you read to me,
Our bathsuit dance parties in the hall,
And ballet in the kitchen, who else would do that?
Bagels and Lattes, the New Yorker,
and dancing to the fruit fly song in your room,
Sweeter times are few and far between.
You have heard me laugh.
Our friendship is more than mere laughter.

Good times are not the glue between us
For we have held each others tears,
(Poor Dan, he got involved too!)
And Hotel Rwanda should not be watched alone.
I cried for years, soaking your shoulder with my heartbreak,
And you listened so gently, letting me heal.
I wasn't always a good friend,
Our friendship wasn't perfect, it never is,
You didn't tell me what was going on,
and I talked about you behind your back,
More tears were shed, and reconciliation found.
When you in turn needed my shoulder, I was ready.
You have seen me cry.
Our friendship is stronger than tears.

More than mere laughter
And stronger than tears,
Our friendship holds the Promise of Everlasting.
We are Daughters of the same King,
We have both been so undeservingly adopted into His arms
And He has used us to teach each other,
to exhort each other, to hold each other,
But most importantly to Love each other.
I love you, sister of my spirit.

Alright Rachie, there is my attempt at poetry, it sure turned out CORNY! But to tell you the truth, I cried the whole time I typed it. You have been a huge blessing in my life, I am so grateful for our friendship and I know that distance means nothing to us. Whether we are in different parts of the world, or different stages of life (like when I meet that dark haired big nosed guy!) we will always be sisters. And for that I am forever grateful.

Dios te bendiga mi amiga, eres preciosa a mi y siempre doy gracias a Dios por tu amistad.

Tu hermana,



ali said...

L'Chaim to that!!!!!

Rach said...

oooooh maaaaaaaaaaan!!! Mi beckacita!!!!! What a fantastic gift this post is to me!!! Your poem was AWESOME....and yes, this noncrier cried!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Te quiero tanto la hermana de mi alma!!!! Besitos!!!!