Thursday, December 17, 2009

adventures in hair dying

I first dyed my hair in 7th grade. I remember I found a box of hair dye in the mess of things in the closet area under the stairs. I don't remember if my mom put up any argument against the idea of me dying my hair. But I do remember it being fun. We did it together and it became kinda our thing (along with watching sappy movies and me giving her pedicures). I would continue to dye my hair for the next 15 years. I think the longest I have gone without dying my hair has been 6 months. That first time I colored my hair strawberry blonde. I had always wanted to be a red head. As the years progressed, the color remained red, but the shades got darker. Around my freshman year in high school it was a dark strawberry blonde. Then light auburn. And finally when I hit my senior year in high school I started dying it really dark auburn. It almost looks black in some photos. Since then, I've kept it some shade of auburn. I like it. People always think I am naturally a red head and I'm okay with that assumption.

Toward the end of college, I found that if I tried to dye my hair certain shades of auburn, it would turn orange from long exposure to sun. That was when I began the tradition of winter darks. Every winter I get to dye my hair a dark auburn (the color I prefer) and in the summer I deal with the lighter shades, knowing that light auburn is better than orange. So tonight I bought a box of hair dye and continued my tradition. The dye is Korean, the instructions were all in Korean, and it was actually a little different than at home (it doesn't smell nearly as bad!). Here are some photos:



and the After photo will have to come tomorrow. Wish me luck!

so I walked into my classroom where 9 very energetic and loud children were waiting for me. One girl saw my hair and quickly told me, "teacher... black hair, not beautiful... yellow hair, beautiful." Thanks kid. Thanks. :)

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Danielle said...

I think I thought you were a natural redhead. I mean, I knew you dyed your hair, but I just never knew which was the natural color. I feel like I hardly know you at all!