Saturday, December 19, 2009


One of the more popular things for young (and old) Koreans to do is called Norae-Bong. It is like Kareoke but so much better since only your friends see you make a fool out of yourself. After the Christmas party, a bunch of us headed over to partake in this great Korean tradition. For about $2 each, we got a room for an hour. There were thousands of songs in English, Korean, and Japanese to choose from.
You choose a bunch of songs, and as the night progresses you keep updating the song list. When the song comes on, you grab the mic and you belt it out. And I mean, you BELT IT OUT. We were screaming our lungs out to Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey and of course, the Beatles!
In good Kareoke fashion, the words are on the screen, but there are no music videos to go with the songs. Well, no American music videos. Instead, all the songs are played along with a Korean music video from another song. Which means most of the time, the Korean music video's story made NO sense with the English song.
It was fun. Really fun. I'll have to take advantage of this great Korean tradition some time again.

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