Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas

For Christmas break (I have the week off from work) I am chilling at home. I'm really looking forward to the rest since January is going to be an intense work month. Anyways, I thought maybe I would let you all in on some of my doings around my house. You see, as each year passes I find I am getting more and more of a nesting complex. I want to make a home, to create a space that is comfortable and where people feel warm and loved. Ugh. Anyways, this means that instead of spending my money on other things, I am spending it on pretty lamps and other decorations.

My bed, my Christmas lights, my teddy bear (named Dorothy after one of my favorite theologians wife- right, I DO get nerdier by the year), and my humidifer since the cold+my heater= very very very dry air.

Here is my little work space. I got this very pretty lamp (but not before walking for over an hour around this HUGE shopping center looking for the best deal!). I really love my apartment. I feel so confortable here and I really feel like it is home. Hence, the title. Home for Christmas.

(sorry for all the post titles being corny Christmas phrases, but I just can't help myself!)

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kimmen said...

i like what you've done with your apartment!
we missed you at christmas