Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Maids and Street Kids

Here in Chile, basically anyone above the lower class has a maid. Usually the maid does not live in the house, but visits the house a few times a week cleaning, cooking, walking the dog, taking the kids to the park. It is amazing. In the States, a maid costs about $10 an hour, I believe. But here for only $20 a week, you can have your house kept completely clean by someone else. I don´t think if I were livng by myself I would have one, not because I am a clean person in general (my parents or roommates can give testimonies) pero no necesitola (but I don´t need one). The apartmetn i am moving into COMES with a maid, yeah, whatever.

On a bright and yet rainy side, I think a pray of mine has been answered. I have been praying for a ministry. A few opportunities have come up and I have half way been involved, such as the high schol youth group at my church and the AIDS project with SIM, BUT this is different. I need to pray more about it but there is a couple from switzerland here who are setting up a program to work with kids in the streets. They will offer classes to help the kids get back into school, snce most of them have dropped out by now, and lunches for the children, and most importantly, they will offer the Truth abot Jesus. Especially for these children who feel like they ahve no hope and no one to take care of them, for someone to offer the message of Christ, wow. So, I will be praying for a green light on this one. Basically, this whole life here in Chile has been one HUGE testimony to God since I have basically never lacked of anything (except peanutbutter candy bars!) and everytime I NEED to know, not just WANT to know, what to do, God has provided. So I know that if He has called me to love and serve these children, which I hope He has, that He will be clear about it.


Anonymous said...

I remember having the same mindset - I couldn't make major decisions (e.g., what to do with my life) unless I was sure it was God's will. When I finally stopped being consumed with that concern, I was able to make decisions based on all the available data. I suppose that's when I stopped being a theist, and turned into a scientist.

I'm not saying you should stop believing, but perhaps you can make decisions even in the absence of certainty about God's will. Some things will clearly be against a biblical perspective (immoral, unethical behavior, for instance). But many other decisions are between equally good, moral, ethical and spiritual actions.

My recommendation is when it comes to making a decision that doesn't require moving to another town, changing jobs, giving away an organ (while still alive) or giving away huge sums of money, is to just go do the things that you're interested in doing. Don't wait for a shooting star to light up the sky as a sign. Just do it! If you don't like it, or it somehow doesn't work out, you can stop doing it and do something else.

It sounds like this reaching out to street kids is something you'd like to do. Why don't you try it out and see how you like it?

your scientist momma

Rach said...

Can I come live at your apartment and be your maid. I was your roommie...I'm used to picking up after you right? LOL....totally kidding...I just added to the and I are too much alike in our organizational skills. I miss you!

your fave hippy

Shaun said...

You get maids? I'm completely sold! :)

Rachel was telling me about what you're doing down there and it sounds absolutely amazing.

I can't say I know you at all but it's encouraging to hear you're finding ways to share God in a foreign country.

Anyway, I'm really interested in the program. Maybe you could send me some information about it if you get some free time. It's not something I could take off and do right away. But a year from now, who knows?

your friend of a friend

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