Monday, December 05, 2005

a long night

It is hard to get access to a computer so this blog is coming to you guys a little after the fact. Okay, saturday we had class, unfortunatly and we spent most of early saturday in class. But after that, we decided to go for a carne asada (BBQ). SO we met at this guys house and started the afternoon with some wine and bread since none of us had brought anything else. It was about 5pm. We decided to split up and a few guys went to the supermarket andthe rest of us headed up to Cerro Cristobal (it is a mountain the middle of Santiago that offers a place of santuary from the city. We found some BBQ pits hidden in some trees. We threw the meat on the grill and opened more bottles of wine and beer. The party had begun. I of course hung out with the chileans BBQ the meat. Okaythis bog is going to be pags long if I don´t do this point style. So sorry that the details are going.

-The boys were such boys and since out of the 12 people in our group, only two of us were girls, they acted like boys and totally peed into the bushes but only a few feet away from where we were sitting.
-On our walk back down the mountain, we found the most amazing view and on of the guys, who had had alittle bit too much to drink, had the other 11 of us pose while he tried to figure out how to work his camera. If the pic is any good I will post it.
-We headed back to the apartment of the guys and tried to fit too many people into the old elevator, unfortunatly, ti broke while we were in it. So while the drunk guys were laughing and joking, i was trying to explain to them that we were stuck inthe elevator. i am not sure if they didn´t understand me or what, but after pressing every button i could, fianlly one fo the guys realized what was going on and he pryed the elevator door open. i was seriously scared that I was going to die in that elevator!
-we hung out the apartment for a little while ntil we decided to head out to a bar, it was about 10 pm by this time. We found a bar and all 12 of us sat outside. Two more girls joined our group, one from colorado and one from Peru.
- we left that bar adn headed to another bar the two new girls wanted to go to. This new bar was one fo those secret bars that they have to unlock the door for you to coe in. It was dark and small but had great art on the walls and some interesting music playing. After a few minutes one of the guys came up to me and told me that a man had just hit on him at the bar. We looked around and realized we were in a gay bar. Suddenly, all of the components made sense. The dancing queen music, the fact that no guy had hit on me or the other girl, it all came together. Some of the gringo boys headed upstairs to play pool and get away from one guy in particular who was rubbing their backs and asking them if they were together with someone. Eventually we left to find a place with more music and a wider variety of dancing partners.
- We couldn´t fit into the cab (all 12 of us I can´t imagine why?) so one guy named Stephan and I walked to the bus stop and took teh bus there. We are both Christians and we both knew it but we hadn´t really talked much. So the whole bus ride and after the bus, as we walked around the city getting lost, we talked. We really talked. And it was so sweet to talk about real stuff adn real issues and to know that we were on the smae page. Before we got to the bar where everyone was, we prayed. It was one of the sweetest moments of the night.
-On the way to teh bus though, we passed by some guys, in the middle of the street, peeing on a way! I thought that they wouldn´t understand English so I said out loud how disgusting I thought that was and how I hated it when guys did that. A few minutes later some guys came up to me and apologized in broken Engish! I was so embarrassed! I told them that I was sorry, but that when guys do that in front of me, it grosses me out. Okay, yeah, not what I thought was going to happen.
- The new bar that we went to looked like a cool bar, and the music outside was good, but once you step foot on the dance floor, the sudden realization that you are in an 80´s prom hits you. The music is distinctly 80´s, the hair and clothes are 80´s, everything screams 80´s. Stacey (one of my classmates)and Rodrigo(one of our students) spent the night dancing tot eh 80´s prom music, while the rest of us continued the drinking and talking outside.
- I decided to go home at about 4 in the morning. I got a cab, and sadly, got in a theological debate with my taxi cab driver. I finally got home at like 5 in the morning and slept for a few hours before waking up to go to church.

Such a night! If you have read all of this, thanks. Sorry it was so long!

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