Monday, December 26, 2005

Cultural talk

So I have and I haven´t really hit too much on the whole cultural differences deal. I will use the quote from my gender studies prof from Cal Poly, ¨There are more similarities than differences.¨ But somethings interesting that I have noted from talking to a few gringos down here is that they are very bothered by the stray dogs and wonder why the government doesn´t do anything about it. Why don´t they have better animal control? Why don´t they have a better nuetering (not sure about the spelling there) program? I was talking to a guy who has spent considerable time in both Chile and the US (like over 10 years in both) and we were laughing at these gringos. Why doesn´t the US do something about the gangs in the cities? Or the high divorce rate? Chileans don´t really see the stray dogs as a problem. They don´t attack people. Yeah they poop, but there are street cleaners who deal with that issue. But I can only imagine when they look at the states, what they must wonder about and say to themselves, Why doesn´t the government do something about this problem?

A different topic of cultural differences is the adultery rate here. Divorce has only been leagal just over a year and it is VERY difficult to obtain one (just ask my friend Marcela), so there are few couples who have gone through the process. But many couples are not happy with each other, so what is the solution? cheating. I am amazed when I hear about how common it is to cheat on your spouse, or at least I was amazed in the begining. But the more time I am around it, the more it (sadly) seems like the natural thing. And that got me thinking. In the States, religous or not, generally it is looked down upon to have an affair, or even just a one night stand when you are married. But here it is almost normal. And I have see how easily my mind is affected by the culture I am in, because I have begun to think that it is not a huge deal either. Of course I hope that no one does it, and if the husband and wife made their promise to God in their wedding vows, and are trying to live a life pleasing to God, then an affair is very wrong. But for those people whose lives have not been committed to Christ, I hate to say it, but who cares. I know, I know, they are breaking a vow and that is wrong, but it is almost like in this culture, the husband and wives just understand that they are married and they are going to have affairs with others. I am probably wrong on the whole spiritual side of this and will regret what I am stating that I believe, but in any case... it is a cultural difference. Maybe the spiritual aspect of all this is not what I think it is, but the cultural aspect is a part of the lives of the people here.

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