Friday, December 09, 2005

I think I have figured it all out

Just joking, who the heck could claim to have figured out everything??? (except Jesus!) Okay, but really, I think I found the job that I would love to do. We were studying tests and the different type of tests out there the other day adn we took a look at the TOEFL test. This is the test that all internationals have to take in order to get into univeristies in the states. It is crazy hard! There were even some questions that I had to read a few times to get, so students who want to take it, take it very seriously. There are very few classes that help students prepare for the test, but the ones that are out here, pay bank. Like we are talking like $60 an hour per student. Yeah, so my idea is to charge that much for the rich kids and get really good at teaching the material. Then, i want to go into the liceos (the public schools for the lower class) and strike a deal with the administration. I will offer to teach the TOEFL training course for free to any student who the teachers send my way, IF the student is willing to sign a contract. The contract will be something along the lines of them promising to take the course seriously. Anyways, that´s the idea in my head. I have an interview today with an Australian couple who run an English Institute here. They deal with mostly business men and private parties, but I think i am going to present my idea to them and see what they think. I can always go the illegal route and not get a contract or a work visa and just head over to Mendoza every few months. Who knows...

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Anonymous said...

good luck with your interview!

i'm at a conference at asilomar (near monterey). nigel is out playing golf. we're having a great time