Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some thoughts from the last few days

  • Got to stretch my organizational skills with the honor of hosting the annual Fall Picnic at school. Basically I bossed people around to make picnic dinner happen for 350 people.
  • The "greek" boys (those first year seminary boys who took greek this summer) were SO helpful and blessed me immensly. I was so discouraged by the bad attitudes I encountered last year. But these boys are different. They did any job that was asked of them and were actually appreciative of my work for the school. Seminary boys who are helpful and appreciative, shocking.
  • After the picnic, I went to the afterparty and against my normal excessive social personality, I just sat and enjoyed watching others being social. I sat on the front porch with some of the guys and just listening silently. That's when I knew I was tired. :)
  • Saturday night I went to a friend's birthday party and danced like a total dork. There was no one to impress so dork dancing it was. It was a little blast from the past with a disco ball and jello shots. There's no other way to celebrate your 29th birthday, or so I've heard.
  • This was my first Sunday at church when I didn't have kid duty. I actually woke up kinda sad. I know I can't commit to those kids this semester since my schedule is too crazy, but man, those 3 year old stole my heart and gave me so much joy every Sunday morning.
  • My heart... anything to share? Nope. I am stuck somewhere between wanting to hope and being too busy to notice where I am. It does seem like the winds are changing. Maybe there is a storm coming, maybe not. I wish I could say that I am cleaving to the Lord right now, but I'm not. I'm fine, but I'm not allowing the Gospel to penetrate the deepest parts of my heart and I fear a storm will tear me apart without that anchor of Jesus Christ. Whoa, went a little too deep there for a "some thoughts" kind of blog. Sorry, I'll get back to mundane shallowness.
  • I will say this, last semester was way too intense and I have a feeling this semester will be a breeze after the craziness of the Spring. All that said, I'm really looking forward to some of these classes. Apologetics, Church History, Mission Anthropology, Human Personality, and Old Testament for Ministry. Coolness.

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