Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's gonna be an ADD day

Today is the first day of school. In fact, for all I know this might be my last first day of school. Even though I have spent the majority of the last month around campus, I haven't seen most of my schoolmates since May. And being a ridiculously social person, I can't believe I get to see so many people in one day! I tried to sit with a friend for a few minutes to catch up and couldn't help my wandering eyes searching the room for familiar faces. And of course I saw them and they saw me and the few minutes were spent talking to them and then talking to the next them and then the next them. It will be an ADD day.
It reminds me of my high school days when I would decide that I would be shy. There in the car, on the way to school, all on my own, I would decide that being outgoing was not for me, and from that moment on I would be shy. Like you can decide that kind of thing. I would arrive at school and no kidding, the shy Becka would last about 30 seconds. Well, at least the 25 seconds it took to walk from my car to my locker. Sad, eh? I wanted so badly to be shy. The good Lord made me outgoing and I guess if I have a problem with that, I need to take it up with Him. For today, I will enjoy the rush of getting to see friends and if that means I'm a little ADD today, so be it.


Anonymous said...

I saw you that day - in our ADD dazes states, we walked right by each other. You had on a very pretty skirt, as I recall. Did you get that book yet? Love, Miss K

Leah said...

Hey Becka,

How was your time in Manhattan? I hope you enjoyed it! Jared and I had a blast there and just got home on Sunday.

I hope you enjoy your first week of school! Somehow I doubt this will be your "last first" though. :)

Love you, Leah