Saturday, July 03, 2010

What love looks like

This week is the birthday week for two of my friends, Jonathan and Brittany. Since I wasn't sure what to get them, I decided to put my supreme domestic skills to work (once again, that's sarcasm folks!)
I decided to make some charoset for Jonathan since he loved it at Passover and to take some extra to Brittany's party. Also on the list to make: some cookies for the birthday peeps, some hummus for Brittany's party, and there was a special request for brownies.

Here in Korea, most people don't have ovens. Not even in real homes. I am blessed to have a tiny toaster oven in my apartment. A friend had me store his stuff while he was in Canada for a month, and when he came back, he took most of his stuff but never came for his toaster oven. This was six months ago. So I try to take full advantage of the toaster and bake banana breads or cookies whenever I get a chance. The problem is that my toaster is SO small that it can only fit a few cookies at a time. So when it comes time to make cookies, the process is a slow labor of love. But given the fact that homemade cookies are almost impossible to find here, it is well appreciated. Homemade cookies is what love looks like here in Korea.

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