Monday, July 12, 2010

Japan in photos

downtown Kyoto

at a shrine, with beautiful lanterns

the deer in Nara loved my mom and followed her

this is my favorite dollar store in Korea evidently is also in Japan

we stumbled upon an amazing cemetary, it was quite serene and seemingly reverent, that is, until I found this one grave with some not so reverent gifts left for the dead

next to a HUGE pagoda

My mom taking photos of flowers

a beautiful stream along the philosopher's walk in Kyoto

Is kissing the dragon sacreligious? tehehe.

My beautiful mom with her green tea ice cream

My breakfast on the flight- YUM!


aviva said...

i have a feeling i'm going to be seeing all of those flower pictures pretty soon...

Anonymous said...

nice pictures but no posts in 11 days? is nothing at all happening?