Thursday, July 01, 2010

The last month or so in photos

Well, first, I have to say a HUGE congrats to Jungmi and Will who got engaged last week. Will is one of the interns at our church and man oh man when that guy preaches, all of us are so moved by the reality of the Gospel. Jungmi is probably one of the most grounded women I have met here. She is an incredible catch and I am so excited for them.

ps- their children will be incredibly tall seeing as both of them TOWER over me.

For my birthday Mary took me out to breakfast in one of our favorite neighborhoods. It's called Hannam and I love it because it's the closest thing I have found to the atmosphere I loved at Sunday brunch in the Village. On a tiny strip of street there are situated various restaurants and cafes offering mostly American brunch and Mexican food (hence my love for the area). Mary and I head there most Saturdays. After grabbing lunch, we settled ourselves on a patio of a particular cafe. It's over priced lattes aren't amazing, but we sit there for a solid four hours with the pretenses of studying. In any case, it's our tradition.

Birthday Brunch: Omlette and all the works

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