Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup and the dreams that come

World Cup fever has taken over Seoul. The team here in Korea is called the Red Devils (an appropriate name for such a legalistic Christian country, dont you think?) It's not uncommon for my kids to come to class dressed all in red with little devil horns on their head. It bothered me at first. Really, the real Devil would love nothing more than for us to think that he is a little red guy with horns and a tail. But if I have learned anything over the past few weeks, its that I have control over few things in life. And the proud control freak in me needs to learn to let go.

Here are some of my friends cheering for Korea on Thursday. I sadly was at work and missed this game. Notice the beer and pizza. Good times!

I will hopefully post some pics from when my friends and I went to cheer last Saturday. It was fun, although it made me realize once again, how different Chile and Korea are. For example, when Greece (Korea's opponent) scored or blocked a goal, the Koreans were silent. I mean, there was some groaning, some quiet whining. But really, coming out of latino countries, where riots start, I was hit with the stark contrast. And it made me miss Chile. In fact, maybe it's because I've let myself think more about Chile in the past few weeks, or maybe I'm trying to mentally escape some of the drama in my life here in Korea, but I've been a little more impatient than normal to be in Chile. I told Sunyoung on Saturday about my plans. In sharing with her some of my dreams for the future, I realized how huge these dreams are. Not that they are unrealistic, but they seem huge to me. They seem surreal in many ways, and yet I know that these are the places the Lord is taking me. I don't know the exact places the Lord has for me, but I know that He is my guide and provider. For those of you reading this blog who wonder if God is a faithful leader, He is! He is not just faithful to lead, but as the creator of your heart, TRUST Him to lead you. Set your desires on Him. He is infinitely more satisfying than any dream or idol you might have. 10 years ago, when I was finishing up high school, I couldnt have ever imagined that this would be my life. He has been more than I could have ever hoped for.

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