Friday, May 22, 2009

Lovely Ladies of Thursday Mornings

This posting is dedicated to the lovely ladies I have been blessed to know this year. Every thursday morning, at 7am, a group of young women gather together over coffee and bagels to talk, laugh, cry, and study God's word. It has been one of the most amazing experiences ever to have these women in my life. In this group I have experienced such love and honesty. THese ladies truly love and care for each other and are committed to loving each other throughout the week. We pray for each other, we are honest with each other about the ups and downs that we experience each week. I am heartbroken to be leaving them, but am confident that we will see each other again.

Ladies, just thinking about you and your love brings tears to my eyes. You have been such an enouragement to me. I can't express to you how deeply your friendships have touched me and I am forever changed by our little community. God bless, my sisters!

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