Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So I have never put much thought into how I sign off letters (emails really). But about a month ago I wrote probably one of the most important letters of my life. It was an email to Jason, and I needed it to be perfect. I will always remember the moment because I was sitting at my desk, I had just spent days on edge, going crazy, wanting to say so much to Jason, but needing to say just a little. And I wrote out a letter, an honest, heart felt letter. And when I got to the end of it, I paused. How do you sign such a letter? Do you sign it with "love,"? That seems generic and sterile. How about "sincerely,"? Um, bor-ing! After debating for a while. I asked a friend, who gave probably one of the funniest answers to the dilemna: to sign off "Rebecca Peterson" !!! After almost peeing in my pants from laughter, I finally settled on "prayerfully,". It was probably the most honest way to sign off, not too corny, but not too generic. Just true.
So since then, Jason and I have written a few emails or facebook messages back and forth. And the other day, after a long day, where I think both Jason and I were tired and stressed from all the craziness going on in our individual lives, he wrote me a letter. After an hour on the phone, he wrote a letter. The letter was sweet. Very sweet, but the part of the letter that stayed with me through the whole night, was how he signed it. At the bottom of the letter, he signed off "yours,". (I'm pretty sure I had signed off a letter to him like this in the previous week, but the effect was not lost on me all the same!)
Even now, it makes me pause. What dearest emotion could this be in the pit of my stomach. It is not the butterflies that came with crushes in middle school. It is a deep joy that sits in the bottom on my heart, it makes me catch my breath. "yours," Wow, now that is romantic!

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Alison said...

I'm glad you have a new post!!

Jason, if you are reading this.. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE MY FRIEND!! YOU ARE VERY VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HER IN YOUR LIFE and she tends to be very thoughtful and appreciative.. so don't let her Jason posts go to your head and inflate your ego .. two feet on the ground buddy, you'd better treat this girl right !!

And if Jason is not reading this, whew .. Becka - don't give him too much, let him wonder a bit .. he is a guy afterall.. they are strange.