Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Prayer

So today is my birthday.


I spent this past week on a roadtrip with my dad and sister. (I will post photos later.) We went upstate to where my dad grew up and then back down to Manhattan for some city life, and finally down to Philly for my graduation from Westminster Theological Seminary. The past two days have been so sweet. Being with this group of people that have meant so much to me over the last two years, reflecting on our time together and how much we have all changed and celebrating this great ending of our time here. From the banquet Wednesday, to going with the old gang to Union Jacks for one last beer, to the actual graduation ceremony, it was a great way to close my two years here. After graduation, my dad, grandma, and sister and I went out to dinner. And then I ended the night with wine and ice cream with my dear friend Hannah Kang. We talked just past midnight, right into my birthday! It was perfect. I am so blessed with amazing friends and while Philadelphia itself doesn't really appeal to me, I am moving back to some amazing people. Today my family and I are driving down to Washington DC to spend some more time with my grandma.
My birthday wish comes from something Hannah and I talked about last night...
I shared with her that my prayer is that God would do His will in my heart. Being in a relationship is a much bigger change in life and ministry than I ever expected. And there are so many fears and insecurities that can pop up. My prayer is that God would do His will in my heart that I might be able to truly worship Him. I have realized how easily I can get distracted from worshiping, even with good things. So I pray that God would do His will in my heart, that I might worship Him, and that my love for other things in life would be fruit of that worship. Lord, may You be glorified in this life You have given me, in the education You have afforded me, in all of the friendships You have bestowed upon me, and in my relationship with Jason. May You receive all the glory, honor, and laud. Thank you for the last 26 years, I have seen you walk beside me along this road thus far, and I trust that You are by my side today.

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