Saturday, February 07, 2009

Red frocks

Today I let a guy named Joel pray for me. Or was his name Josh? Or John? In any case, I saw him standing in the subway, tall and lanky, long shaggy hair, kinda emo looking. Over his hip trendy clothes, he had a red smock on that read "prayer changes everything". I walked straight up to him and asked who he was with. I figured he was probably with some church and I was curious to see who was sending their youth out into the subways to pray for strangers. There was a whole group of them there. All in their red frocks, walking up to strangers, asking if they could pray for them, walking alongside them as the strangers almost always said no. My red-frocked and prayer-ready friend seemed glad to have someone show interest. We talked for a few minutes and I found out that the group was actually a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). ((Sidenote: ever notice how ridiculous we can get with acronyms?)) So Joel prayed for me. I couldn't think of anything in particular to pray for so he just prayed a general prayer for me. It was sweet and odd all at the same time. May God bless those DTS students and their red frocks.


Alison said...

I know who you are talkin about - i see the red smocks all the time in the 42nd street station... admittedly, i always say no, but i do say it with a thank you ... a 'no thank you.' (i actually say it as they start to open their mouths, b4 i even hear words.. just bc everyday about 8+ dif ppl come up to me to say something, and i've just gotten into the habit of sayin 'no thanks' b4 i even know what they want/want to do (i'm just being honest!)- glad you got the the bottom of their origins .. you're a sweetie pie !

Carolyne said...

how cool that they're willing to put themselves out there and take the rejection that I'm sure they get...if they make a habit of it, perhaps people will get used to seeing them and maybe even some will accept the offer of prayer.